6 Things To Stop Doing Today If You Want Great Skin

things to stop doing if you want better skin

If you asked people if they want great skin, most would scream ‘Yes!’ Follow up with asking what they do about that wish, and you may get no answers (or wrong ones). There a lot of mistakes we make when we want great skin. One of the frequent comments I have gotten is that skincare is complex, and there are too many products to choose from.

For the most part, even if you were given handpicked products from an esthetician or dermatologist, they may never ‘work for you’ if you keep getting the basics wrong.

Getting it right with skincare involves starting off on the right terms. Here are 6 things to stop doing today if you want better skin and simple ways to turn your skin (and its care) around:

Not Cleansing Properly

So, you have gotten the best face wash packed with Vitamin C to get your glow up, then… you wash your face for 5 seconds.

Come on!

How is the product supposed to cleanse hours of grime and dirt in 5 seconds?

For a simple routine, you should use your face wash for 60 seconds, mildly applying it in a circular motion around the face, making sure to reach all areas, including the neck and décolletage. This removes more gunk from your pores and makes all the difference.

beauty products in a salon

On the flip side, you don’t need to oil cleanse for two minutes, use a face wash for three and clay mask for 10 minutes every day. Sis, that is a tad much.

Over-cleansing is a thing, and it strips your skin of the moisture and oil it desperately needs to thrive. Don’t do that either or stop doing it if you already are..

Exposing Your Skin To The Sun (Especially Without Sunscreen)

The sun is great for drying your clothes- not your skin. The effects of the sun and heat can cause up to 90% of all skin damage, including skin cancer. You may not easily notice this, as it is a long-term, progressive effect.

Protecting your self from the sun’s effects by using sunscreen (apply and reapply at least SPF 30 all over the body,) wearing sunglasses that block Ultraviolet rays and wearing clothes that cover the body properly can help reduce sun exposure.

In addition, try to stay away from the sun between 10 am- 2 pm daily as this is when the sun’s rays are strongest. If this is difficult, having a spray sunscreen in your bag can help on-the-go.

You can do this!

Taking Long, Hot Showers

The weather is cold and you are in need of a hot bath to keep you warm. The steam is refreshing and you just want to stay in there all day. What do you do?

Here’s what you should do- Stop doing this if you want great skin.

Extreme temperatures (hot or cold) can push your skin to a state of stress, strip it dry and cause overall damage. No Bueno.

Instead, reduce the length of your showers/ baths and change your water temperature to lukewarm. Your skin will thank you for this.

Applying Your Products On Dry Skin

Moisture is what your skin needs to thrive, and survive. 64% of your skin is made of water, so it needs moisture to thrive and survive. After washing your skin, make sure you apply any serum or moisturizer within minutes. This helps the products applied to seep into your skin to nourish it effectively and lock in moisture better.

Doing this on dry skin can keep the product on the top of the skin and unable to penetrate to do what it should do- hydrate, maintain or treat.

Water truly makes everything better. Use it to your advantage today.

Constantly Picking At Your Pimples

If you have heard that you should stop doing this to your skin, you have heard it a thousand times. Do you know why though?

Pimples are big balls of dirt, bacteria, and oil that clog your pores. Imagine popping that; what can that do?

It can spread the content to other parts of the face which can cause even more breakouts and may give you a long-lasting scar.

No matter how ‘soothing’ popping a pimple is, it is horrible for your skin as you may also press in the bacteria deeper into the skin while trying to do the opposite.

There may be a ‘right’ way to pop a pimple, but overall, to maintain great skin, don’t do it.

Not Using A Moisturizer On Your Skin

Moisture and sun protection are easily the backbone of great skincare. Doing every other step- cleansing, toning, exfoliating, treatment, will be for nothing if you do not moisturize.

Black woman using moisture illustration

Make sure to have a moisturizer to help seal in the nutrients and hydration for other steps in your skincare routine. This rule applies to all parts of the body- not only your face. We tend to forget the neck but it is one of the fastest ageing parts of the body (look around you for proof.)

Using a suitable moisturizer is a game-changer for your skincare and is one of the basics that should never be skipped.

The only thing that holds true is that skincare will never be one-size-fits-all. However, there are general rules that run true for the majority. The confidence that comes with great skin is unmatched, and being consistent with the simple things will make a big difference.

What simple skincare steps have made the difference for you?

I am thinking of sharing turning this into a two-part series. Would you like to see that? Let me know in the comments!

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15 thoughts on “6 Things To Stop Doing Today If You Want Great Skin

  1. Nne m Desire. Thank you very much. Please loud it. Thank you for also buttressing that you don’t need to spend so much money to have a good skin care routine.
    Skin baddie.
    I see you. Let’s glow we can’t let this 2020 dim our skin glow
    #Time to glow with Desire

    1. Yes!! Time to glow with Desire.
      I am an advocate for minimalist skincare so I understand the need for a budget. Also, I work with a lean-ish budget.

      Thank you so much for always supporting!

  2. Skincare is definitely something I battle with. There’s so much advice and too many products, I’ve just given up. More like I don’t know where to start from. Maybe the 2nd part can help with a few recommendations? That will be nice. As always, well done Desire!

    1. Yup, there are too many products and even more information on the internet. What is your skin type? That would be a good start off point.
      Also, what kind of skin issues are you dealing with?
      If you could share these with me here or via Instagram DM @desireuba , I can help out.

      Thank you so much for reading and leaving a comment

  3. Yes please. Make it a series if possible. Trying on different stuff from pinterest is tiring. A few recommendations will go a long way as well. Especially for sunscreen.

    Glow 2020
    Thank you Dee

    1. Hi Lizzie!
      The internet is filled with so much- too much, in fact.
      For sunscreen, I easily recommend Neutrogena Hydroboosyt with SPF 30/50 (kind of oily though, so if you have oily skin, that may be an issue, especially in hot Lagos)
      Also, Misha Sunscreen, Black Girl Sunscreen, Pharmasolutions SPF (Nigerian brand- also a bit oily though, but more affordable ) are good too for dark-skinned people like us.
      Let me know if you need anything else.

  4. Good evening. I haven’t really paid much attention to skin care, probably because I don’t know what would be good for my skin or what could be bad for it. As a result, I just do the normal things people do, which is take my bath twice or three times a day, depending on the weather, applying lotion and drinking water. I have some questions though- 1. Are body scrubs important? If yes, how often should they be used? 2. Heard goat milk is good for light-skinned people, I don’t know how true that is. Thanks.

  5. Hot showers help me think😭😭

    What do you think about antiseptic soaps and washes especially during this pandemic when there’s a daily risk of exposure.

    1. I knowwwww, but hot water is bad for your skin.

      Coming for antiseptic soaps, there are more downsides because they are typically drying and according to the FDA, there is not enough scientific evidence showing that they are safe for long term use on the body.
      They can also lead to antibacterial resistance, which is actually terrible for you.

      Even worse, the FDA has actually banned a number of them from being marketed.
      So, it is best to stay away from them. Using ‘normal’ soap and water is best.

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