There is power in our individual differences as humans. It is interesting to witness how literally opposite we can be, and how someone (or thing) can turn out worlds apart from what was expected. I am naturally a people pleaser and it’s astounding how much it stealthily moves into my everyday life and thoughts.  I literally feel drawn to please everyone, no matter how detrimental it may be to me. This characteristic in me usually transcends all relationships, but in recent times, I realized that some people would use it to their advantage which wouldn’t be a problem if it was detrimental to me. I still find it difficult to say ‘No’ almost every time, but I came to realize that feeling entitled isn’t always a bad thing.

There are times when we really are entitled to certain things. We don’t need to settle or accept everything we get. There are things that we thoroughly deserve from life. I do not need to please everyone. In fact, there are times, I daresay, when I only need to please Desire, she and herself.

These are a number of facets of life where we are in our own right to demand how things should must go;

  1. To Love And Be Loved In Return

This may seem rather basic. I mean, 1 X 1=1, 1+1=2, so if I give love to someone I would receive it in an equal (or greater) measure, right? Right?

Wrong. Remember, 1-1= 0.

Life People don’t always reciprocate. It just is what it is. Love cannot be forced, so if you don’t get love from someone you truly pour all of yours into, dear friend, leave that basket and get yourself a bowl!

You’ve heard it before but I need you to know that you deserve storage not wastage.

As someone who has been on the providing end of the unreciprocated love, I understand that it may not be the recipient’s fault as the heart wants what it wants. This is why the provider has to decide to let go when it is clear that you are taking the wrong path, tough as it may be.

Believe me, you will find the paramount love, which is what people with pure, unselfish love, of all kinds, deserve.


  1. Knowing and The Right To Good Health

If you are in control of your five senses, you should be thankful, really. Being in the healthcare system teaches one to appreciate the beauty that is good health, especially when you know that you haven’t actually done anything to deserve it.

Ask about your health. You deserve to know. Ask your healthcare provider (politely and patiently) about the conditions, tests and their results, drugs, diet, lifestyle to adapt when you are in the right environment (hospital, pharmacy, medical laboratory, medical outreaches). Be open to learning about your health no matter how much you’ve Googled or what a previous healthcare provider may have told you. Learn as much as you can. No one has all the answers.

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You deserve the best treatment, and I don’t mean drugs only. I mean professional treatment too. If any healthcare professional is being plain uncouth, you should not accept it.

Always try to put yourself in the other person’s position. Always speak up for yourself.

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  1. Honesty, In All Things

When we are asked for our ‘dislikes’, a large percentage are quick to say ‘Lies/Liars/Lying’. Humans actually appreciate honesty and, yes, we deserve it too.

Well, truth deserves truth. Imagine how much better our world would be with the truth. Heck, imagine how great Nigeria would be if 50 per cent of our politicians were 25 per cent honest!

The truth, a lot of the time, can be (highly) unpleasant but it still can never change the fact that it is still that- the truth.

So, here’s the deal;

You plant bananas, you shouldn’t be getting plantains because they look alike, or oranges because both of them are fruit. Nope, you should get bananas.

Give truth, you deserve and should expect truth, and nothing but.

To be frank, no matter how you view it, the truth, whether seen as fragrant or repugnant, is always best, and you definitely should give and do deserve the actuality, in all things. Do not allow anyone to convince you that it should be otherwise,

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+1.     Opportunity

This is totally a self-induced recompense we must give ourselves.

Simply put;

It is of utmost importance that we give ourselves the opportunity to get that job, love that person, visit that country, know that God, thrive through that pain, become that friend,…, write that story.

Live That Life.

Let us ask ourselves and give ourselves the chance to create the life that we know that we really want.

As 2018 draws the curtains, continually remember that you deserve the best life has to offer, no matter what you have gone through or are going through.

Today, I embrace my life.

Today, I forgive myself for going into the wrong relationships in times past.

What are you demanding from yourselves and others today? What are you forgiving yourself for today?

Veni. Vidi. Amavi.


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10 thoughts on “3 + 1 THINGS YOU DESERVE IN LIFE, SO ASK NOW!

  1. Finally she posts! I used to be a people pleaser, it was really one of the most hurtful phases of my life. I literally gave myself out and didn’t really get anything in return. I mean I shouldn’t be entitled anyway. It was really a terrible moment for me. I had to ask myself questions, one of it being ‘ am I a toxic person?’ It truly got to that moment. I decided to be better and improve myself until, I realised that perhaps, I am not. Which is why Mahatma Gandhi’s notable quote ‘nobody has the power to hurt me without my permission’ is one of my life’s mantra. It was just the situation I found myself. Nevertheless, I didn’t relent in self improvement. I forgive myself for hurting myself. For putting myself on the rail tracks, for leading myself to the slaughter house. I demand that I be happy, confident and be at peace. I demand honesty and love.
    I demand from others, straight forwardness, that they be unapologetically themselves and clarity. I deserve that, I don’t want to be swimming through turbulent waves to understand you, I am not Aquaman ( although Jason Momoa is handsome sha)!
    Anyway, I loved this post,please continue to bless us with your wisdom everything. I am ‘demanding’ regular posts from you! 😁😁

  2. P.S: I really do like your blog posts. Just went through like 4 in the past 15 minutes while at work. I haven’t visited your blog in a while, feels refreshing to visit again. I used to be a blog person but lately it’s seems like I’ve fallen off the wargon. Lol. 2019 May be my year of revival so keep those posts coming! ❤️

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