One of my more interesting memories from University was one of my preceptors in LUTH during my 400 Level SIWES (synonymous to student internship) asked me, in all seriousness, whether I had narcolepsy (Dictionary definition- sudden and uncontrollable attacks of deep sleep, sometimes accompanied by paralysis and hallucinations). Basically, we were expected to work 8am- 4pm but I got there late because most times, I would wake up late and I would still always sleep anyhow during work. Obviously, he was exaggerating but sleep is my absolute favourite hobby.

I remember in final year of secondary school, telling my friends that in University, I would never have my hair out and I would always have either a weave or braids on. Ha, what a joke! I ended up being the girl who cut her hair and stopped having weaves sewn in all together (PS. I will never have a sew-in in my life ever again!). I really thought I would be a make-up maverick, but till today, I still don’t know how to ‘draw’ my eyebrows.

I cannot believe that it has been a whole year since my convocation ceremony! Where did the time go?

There is so much hope and expectation that comes with new life phases. Prior to beginning, we plan what we want to happen including how and when they would happen.

I got in University with so many expectations, and I am both happy and sad that I did not get all I wanted. There are some things I really do wish I knew prior to this post- Secondary school experience. Gosh, I am old now (I say this a lot, I know). I cannot believe I am talking about University in retrospect, but then, here are five greater lessons I learnt from years of hardwork, fun and perseverance. Here, we go:


I absolutely love reading. I might even qualify as a nerd of some sorts. I thoroughly enjoyed reading in pharmacy school even though, in retrospect, I was probably reading mostly for the A’s, not knowledge. I still loved it and it gave me joy to read, especially Pharmacognosy.

Now, we know that life isn’t fair, but with this reading thing ehn, it seemed even more unfair. I met several people who read all night and still didn’t do very well and there were those people who just had to look at something once and ace it so easily.

It is important to know which one works for you and embrace it. No need for wishful thinking.

Desire here has to read twice (or more) to fully grasp what the hell the handout is really saying, please figure out your own algorithm.

There was this peculiarly annoying thing that constantly happened to me. Due to the massive amount of topics to read, I might not finish all of them, and then, for some reason, at least eighty percent of the time, the topic(s) I couldn’t read would be staring at me in the exams. It was quite enormously frustrating. So even if I literally had no sleep the previous night, my results might not show that. There were people like me and people with even worse stories.

Basically, reading does not equal great results… sometimes. Absolutely best thing to do this is: Do your best and leave the rest.


I have amazing friends, great people God put in my life to make it better. However, like me, you might not have the same friends you had in 100 Level in 500 Level. This might not be because of anything malicious. I became friends with some of the best people in my life in 500 Level (Hey Neme, Hey Obinna) and my only pharmacy friend from First Year is now so distant, its actually sad to think about because I cannot find a concrete reason as to why that happened.

I really wish someone told me that 90% of romantic relationships I would encounter, personally or otherwise, would result to items of conversation and reminiscing, because it would have saved us all a lot of emotional meltdowns and provided more time to sleep.

Sometimes, life just happens, you drift, you meet people who fit your aesthetics at that phase of life and you let go of those who don’t.

I finally learned to accept this as part of our journey.


I always looked forward to holidays and downtime, because I always just want more time to sleep and not have to worry about in-courses and exams. Looking back now, I wish I did something worthwhile with my holidays. I should have worked or learnt a skill, instead of lazing about and complaining when my mum called me to the kitchen. My project partner, Busayo, learnt how to sew during the holidays, and now, she’s gone commercial and is really good at what she does. If I had worked during my school breaks, I am so sure I would have a better CV, experience, skill, knowledge and maybe have a few ‘connections’.

So if you’re still in University or plan on going soon, make use of your time wisely because it really never comes back once it is gone. It may seem irrelevant to do take on holiday job, but you have nothing to lose and could gain a lot, so what would it be?


Nollywood portrays Nigerian lecturers as cold-hearted, sexually-driven, unapproachable people, and for the most part, this is an unfair representation, even though we probably still have those people (as with every walk of life). Thankfully, I never met such, and I never actually heard of such in my faculty.

I only really spoke cordially to one lecturer throughout pharmacy school and honestly, it was because he was a family friend of a friend. I was genuinely not interested in the lecturers and workers in the faculty because they seemed quite non-relatable and distant, especially in the earlier years. However, after my final exams, I realized that these people were actually normal people with families, just doing their jobs. It was literally like a veil was taken off my eyes.

A lot of my lecturers were in positions of importance and could have been of great influence in the ’real world’. Some of them really had the potential to be of great help to me since they were already years into a profession I was just preparing to get into, but I never tapped into it.

If you still have the opportunity, please seize it. What is the worst that could happen?

Ps. Always be super polite and realize that you need them probably more than they might ever need you.


You don’t have to have a triangle life (school, religion, read) to excel. If I had a dollar for every time I met a student who runs a business and still does well in school, I would be sipping coconut water in Barbados right now… No, really, if there was ever a time one needed to give 100% to school only, the time is long gone. We are at such a great time where your passion is as relevant as formal education. You could run a blog, business, learn a skill, have a part- time job as required.

Now, to be clear, this is not easy at all. Unfortunately, I was a triangle girl so I don’t have tips for this, but what I have seen from these people is Balance. You really need to prioritize effectively and be ready to work harder than the next guy, but it is definitely worth it! ( Just ask my sisters here and here).

These are some of the things I wish I knew a couple of years ago, but then, the lack of knowledge made for a really good experience. I guess if I knew all these things, I wouldn’t have learnt a lot and this post would not even be in existence. I hope this has been of help in some way or at least enjoyable to read.

Thank you so much for reading.

Can you relate to any of this? What do you wish you knew prior to University? What do you wish you did or didn’t do in University? Let us know in the comments!



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  1. I could relate to most of your writing. For me, I wish I fell in love in during my under graduate level. Meeting godly persons now ain’t easy – not like am ready to me married In the next 2years. But I which I maintained a good bond with my friends In the university. Church guys were careful with getting too close to the opposite sex. 😁

      1. Sure my brother. Lol do not mind my typo errors. Indeed there is hope my guy. I just thought to share that after my good sister in the faith got married immediately we graduated. This lady was just good. Working with her felt like family. Anyway, it’s not like I was ready for any relationship. Common! Why should I be in a serious relationship when am not ready to be married in the next 3years? Which sister will wait for you? 😀 But Anyway, I sha know my wife is already born and is somewhere in the world waiting to be found by me. 😀

    1. Nwanne m abiala!
      Falling in love as an undergrad isn’t all it is thought out to be most of the time, although it does make for a good experience.
      I believe you can still make new but amazing friends by being yourself and letting people in as I know I have done in times past. You win some, and you lose some.
      I still believed what is most important is truly enjoying your God-given life!

  2. This is really nice and so true….wished I did so many things too…but then, we all can still make up for them somehow…

  3. Heyyyy. Thanks B. I love you too. I get u on a lot of aspects in fact everything. When I look back, I’m really happy I made good friends and memories. Its never too late to chase any dream, although when I look sometimes I realise i was so laid back, it is unbelievable.

    1. Baby girl!!
      You know, I also wish I did certain things in a ‘certain’ way, but I like to tell myself that it just gives me stories to tell my children. I am thankful for the experience though.

  4. Hey Dee 👋
    You’re equally amazing!
    I can totally relate to that triangle life, could easily have been a straight line sef. Then we never really had any meaningful holidays except strikes of course. Anyway, there’s still a lot to look foward to

    1. Thank you Subomi!
      Honestly, in life some people are meant to stay, while others are for a season. It has been hard for me to grasp this, but I am learning to do so now.

  5. Reminiscing now, I don’t even talk to most of my closest friends from Uni. I wish I used those holidays well too ☹️
    I felt a bit of nostalgia, but I liked this post.

    1. I believe it takes effort to keep friendships, but even with that, some people are not supposed to be permanent in life, and I guess it is meant to be like that sometimes.
      I actually felt nostalgic penning this.
      Thank you very much Bee!

  6. University life is so different from expectations… You know those things we were told about “freedom ” and stuff. I learnt the hard way that secondary school reading style doesn’t work in university. And like you said, the triangular life is limiting. I started getting involved in other stuff and I must say I have even better results than when I was all Miss Triangle, plus I’ve met awesome people.
    Talking about friends, I got close to a lot and then it fizzled out. My own take is this, some are not meant to stay forever… They come for a reason and some go when your walk together is no longer relevant . It makes sense to identify those who should remain and cultivate those relationships well.

    1. Lol at ‘Freedom’, I totally agree with you on that. Exactly! Some people are not meant to stay forever, we would need to realize when to let them go, for the best, it doesn’t make us bad people.
      I am really happy you made it out of the triangle life, it is definitely better to be out of it.
      Thank you so much for this enlightening comment Esther!

  7. I can relate to almost all of them especially the studying, making the best of holidays and most importantly; friends.
    I made serious mistakes in my friendship aspect and I long for some people back.. But then we can’t exactly change the sands of time.. Just to make the best of the time we have now.
    On the way to actually finding my own tribe soon.. The journey though

  8. Hahahaha, I am rolling on my bed. I so relate with this post. Deezee, you see that sleep part enh, that’s so me. Just read for the A’s and sleep it away later. Yh, I was triangular too, I think some of us are just wired like that.

  9. I agree with learning a skill.
    The importance of doing something outside school work can never be over emphasized!
    Great post
    I just really want to graduate

  10. I can relate to every bit of this post. One thing I wish I did differently is to read more for knowledge than for the A’s only. No regrets though, I’m just going to have to make up for that now..Lol..
    I’m with Onyinye that some of us are wired to be triangular, we can’t really help it but it does help to try to be better..
    As for friendships, I made really good friends in my last two years in school for which I’m grateful.
    Well done Desire!

  11. What an interesting read. For me I wish i had done the immediately-after-a-lecture reading the course that same night approach. I was a big-time procrastinator (still working on it). i also sometimes wish i had done a locum during the 200L strike. I’m totally not hard on myself because i learnt some baking skills then and gratefully those skills have birthed the food brand Koko’s Meal City (KMC).
    I’m gratefully for the great personalities I met during school e.g You (Desire). I made amazing friends to last a life time, that our children will call themselves cousins.

  12. Such a lovely post!
    I agree that you love and you lose. I learned so much from my romantic relationships whilst in uni – including managing time wiser haha.
    Also yes, I wish I had spent my holidays doing something more useful like an internship. Would’ve been easier to find a job after graduation!
    Hope it goes well for you xx

  13. I definitely could relate to basically all you said, but as luck may have it my way I am currently still in the University and can definitely practice all you’ve said much better, thank you for sharing definitely worth the read and beneficial. kindly stop by my blog too, and hoping you find it interesting… still trying to grow in this blogging world. 🙂

    1. Hi Rufaida!
      I have seen you on the TBA Group and its sooo nice to see you here.
      It’s so good to know that I have been of help to at least one person 🙌
      I’m still trying to grow too my dear, and I will definitely check it out!

  14. Wow this right here, is accurate. I have some regrets too, like not relating to my lecturers till final year, when I had to do my project. To be honest, it affected my performance in school. Sometimes, I wish I knew then what I know now. I won’t have made some of the mistakes I did. But all the same, life goes on and it’s tougher in the real world. I am thankful for the lessons and blessings that came with being an undergraduate.
    Thanks for sharing your story.

    1. Its nice to know that I am not alone in this world, your thoughts reflect mine, in fact, the major reason why I wrote this is so that people who are still undergrads could pick a thing or two, and I truly hope they did.
      I do believe all things we go through are a part of our story.
      Thank you so much for reading and actually leaving a comment Ella!

  15. I’m out of school now and looking back,one thing I wish I knew is not being in a hurry to make friends. It would have saved me a whole lot of emotional stress.

    1. Honestly that is the truth! It took me sometime to realize that not all people are supposed to be your friends, it is just what it is, unfortunately. The friends I did keep though, are amazing and I love them!
      I hope I’d see you here again, thank you for stopping by Sophie ❤️❤️
      Ps. I love your blog!

  16. I’m glad I read this since it’s still early for me. Still in my 100s. The post was an eye-opener and really interesting read. I don’t known if I’m triangular or straight lol.
    Thanks for the post!

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