Ten Facts About Me + Meet My New Blog!

Ten Facts About FDesire Uba

Writing this is a bit nerve-wracking for me because I have not written in so long! I typically enjoy the art of storytelling- reading and writing. My Instagram and my ex-blog have seen some of this over the past three years, but you see THIS blog right here, there’d be a lot of it here.

If this is your first time here, you are most welcome! My name is Desire and this is such a big leap for me. Having this website is something I know I have wanted for almost half of a decade.

Setting it up, on the other hand, has been an uphill task because tech and I are… not best friends.

I am thankful to the people who helped me get it to this point. Major thanks to Ezinne and Michael!

I was hoping that this blog would be in perfect shape before publishing but the back work seems to be taking a lot longer than I expected. So, here we are, imperfections et al.

Ten Facts About Desire Uba

Here, we’d be talking a lot about journeys. We all are wading through life at different paces and we often move so fast that we forget that we are on a never-ending journey. When one phase ends, another begins.

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So, we will be talking success progress stories- struggles, challenges, wins, pain and joy, all of it! Together- because there is nothing like seeing yourself in someone else, honestly. We are growing together in this space. I’ll definitely be sharing my life in Lagos too; where to go and who to see.

A substantial part of storytelling is through books and literary articles, so there would be reading lists, book recommendations and reviews too. You’d also get to know some of the most amazing bloggers and writers via my recommendations.

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To kick off our journey together, here are 10 random facts about Desire;

  • I’m scared of statues. I don’t know how it began or why this is a thing for me but all forms of moulded work simulating living things scare me. A lot.
  • My superpower is sleep. I can literally sleep for 16 straight hours, wake up to eat and go back to sleep again. If I were paid to sleep, Bezos and I would be dragging spots on the Forbes list.
    10 Facts About Desire Uba

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  • For whatever reason, I detest titles. Everything from Pastor to Doctor to Aunty to Pharm. isn’t something that I enjoy saying or seeing or being called. It particularly sets me off when people are insistent on being called with titles, especially in unnecessary settings.
  • I am obsessed with babies and at least 90% of the time, they like me too. In any gathering, I tend to seek out the babies and interact with them. It could be just a smile, but I have to interact with them.
  • I do not like nicknames. Consider me to be that person that meets you, asks your name and when you give me a nickname, I still ask for your real name and decide to stick to it.
  • Caring much for animals is not in my DNA at all. Like, I am not enthused by them overall. The only animals that extract any emotions from me are snakes (extreme fear) and penguins (warmth). Every other animal issa no!
  • I’m actually excited to get married more than I am excited about the wedding. In fact, I don’t care about the wedding. It can be done in my sitting room for all I care. However, the entire concept of having someone whom I will share all my times (good or bad) with and have my twins through is something I look forward to… most of the time.

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  • I believe in relationships more than anything else in this world! From God to family to friends to people who ‘😂’ at your story updates, I believe that beings are the core of everything life will ever be about and I cherish them.
  • For a self- acclaimed lover of people, I have sickening communication skills (especially on WhatsApp.) It literally makes me so anxious to reply messages. I just want have my posts on my status and run away. To everyone who has had to face this, I am really sorry. This blog is probably one of the easier ways to get through to me because it is literally my baby. Please, keep reading dears.
  • I’m actually a good sprinter. If I actually took it up, I’d do great. However, I just don’t love it that much.

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  • I really enjoy sitting in the front row in church. The fact that I don’t have to see heads in front of me eliminates distractions and I feel a lot more focused when I am in front. On the other side, I don’t feel the same about being in class though.

I could give a lot more fun facts, but stopping at ten today!

Finally, welcome to THIS IS DESIRE!!!

Do we have anything in common? Tell me a fun fact about you too. Let us meet in the comments!

Thank you for reading!


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22 thoughts on “Ten Facts About Me + Meet My New Blog!

  1. Hi Desire! I’m super excited that you finally get to do what makes you happy. You deserve it. I love this piece you wrote and I am keeping my fingers crossed for constant updates. I love you ❤️

  2. Yay! Congrats dear. Baby is gonna grow fine and frosh like its mama. It’s got no choice though, it’s in good hands.

    PS: Some of the facts got me giggling hard. Lol. Great read!

  3. First off, congratulations on your new blog. I’m so happy you took this huge leap. I can imagine how much you really wanted to ditch the worthless.com and own your own domain name😂

    I also love your new blog… I mean, the feel, the theme and aesthetics is fire, to be honest.

    I am like you when it comes to relationships, I really don’t mind a wedding in the living room. The marriage is the real deal. But, I love animals so much, they look so cute, I don’t know how to resist them, especially guinea pigs🙈🙈😂
    And I sleep a lot like… I think you and I would be dragging that spot with Bezos on the Forbes’ list!😂😂😂

    Congrats again dear.
    I’ll be watching this space because I believe I have a lot to learn from you👏🏾👏🏾

    1. I had been looking forward to leaving wordpress.com for a while and I am thankful that I did.
      Played around with a couple of themes before settling with this, thank you!!
      We have so much in common and I am here for it!!
      Thank you so much Elizabeth ♥️♥️

  4. Congratulations PHARM Miss Desire, super proud of you, happy to see you putting in Work, i know this baby will be great.
    With Love from your Secret Admirer

  5. Yes!!! We have facts 3,4,6,7 and 8 in common. The only difference is that in fact 7, I am as excited about the wedding as I am for the marriage.

  6. Well done girl! So excited for this and I’m really looking forward to all the awesomeness that will be this site.
    We have the sleep and marriage thing in common. I was just thinking this morning how sleep might actually be my idol. Lol. And I really could care less about a wedding ceremony, as long as I’m married to my person.

    P. S: How didn’t your love for ice cream make this list???

  7. Hi Desire, you’re such an amazing writer, your skills do match up to your personality.. captivating..
    Like you, I’m not much of an animal lover, they taste good.. But even that relationship isn’t solid lol.
    I’m scared of uncertainty and a lot of other things. But weirdly so, I’m motivated by my fears.. the worst thing to do is not try. I’ll be following your journey. Cheers.

  8. Congratulations Pharm. Desire!!! Remember me when you blow Pharm.

    P.s. I don’t like titles too 😎

  9. Hi Desire!
    Congrats on your domain girl💃🏽💃🏽 It feels good I know
    We certainly have the same feelings towards animals because I’m scared crazy.
    Can’t wait for all the good stuff coming from you ❤️

  10. Hi desire! At first i was confused. New blog, ex blog. I was like ah ah what apun. But I think I see it. It’s no more dot wordpress. Congratulations. I can’t wait to join the gang too.

  11. Congratulations on the birth of this baby. It’d blossom.🌺 Amen.
    I got hooked on how I resonated so well with most of the facts…
    I love sleep (never at night), babies, my relationships (gold!), the marriage and not the wedding, have the worst communication skills ever, hate titles… but don’t think I can run to save my life. 😂
    I’d check with the baby as often as possible. ☺️

  12. Number 8!!!!!! (For you sha not me). Still waiting for you to reply my WhatsApp aunty.
    Number 10 is MEEEE. I especially HATE when I go to church and have to sit outside and watch the screens (we call it overflow in my church). Kai! I can go home because of that thing

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