Six Couples You Definitely Me(e)t In University

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The previous post struck such a nerve within me, and I know it was kind of heavy-handed, so today, let’s be light-hearted!  Do catch up of you missed previous posts.

I really do think retrospect is a great thing, and considering Love and Romance in Post-Secondary school is very, very interesting. This is the period where you think you have found the love of your life in anyone whom you are in mutual ‘like’ with. Unfortunately, it is also known as the period where we could get the most heart-broken in your life mostly because we are truly too young for the emotional uptake it requires.

When the person you are so ‘in love’ with does not even give you side-eye, e dey pain. However, when he/she gives you hope and crushes your heart to baby powder and you’re trying to turn it to gravel, it can be quite devastating. All in all, it is actually an amazing time to go through.

In my school, there was a great level of freedom of interaction.

Males were allowed into female hostels and vice-versa. There were mixed hostels. There was no curfew for residents. Classes were left open through the night to allow students read. It was pretty chill and let-your-hair-down-y.

You’d always see people at night and we had 24-hour stores open (perks of living in a hospital compound).

Majority of the people you’d see in the middle of the night were the ‘couples’. Continuously walking up and down, when all you could think of is your bed… to sleep, you’d wonder how they don’t get tired! LUTH/ CMUL guys totally understand me.

Love as an undergrad cum teenybopper can come in various interesting ways, these are just some of them. At the end of the day, its still all…


1. Mr. and Mrs. Titanic

I am still one of the people who wonder why Jack and Rose didn’t just share the plank!(or whatever that was) I mean, there was enough space or at least they could have taken turns on the thing! No, the guy kuku had to die. 😑

Okay, Rant Over.

This is the ‘We-are-in-your-face-so-keep-up!’ couple. They literally eat, read, walk, talk and breathe together. Hanging out or even walking with them automatically makes you feel like a third-wheel. They really do love each other (while it lasts) and seem to go the moon and back for each other, and the whole world can see it. They annoy you sometimes, because you see together everywhere and anywhere.

The con with this couple is that if (or when) they break up, it is like an open wound because the world can see it, it hurts and it takes longer to heal. However, if they do work out and last ‘forever’, they become #Goals.



2. Mr. and Mrs. Macron

This is the couple that makes us wonder, ‘How on earth did that happen?!’. They give you a somewhat eerie feeling. You actually saw them coming, but still, they take you by surprise. They sometimes serve as true inspiration that in truth, anything and everything can happen! They elicit the most emotion from us, be it, love, anger, disbelief, trust, you name it. We are all in awe of them (as much as we would like to deny it) because as humans we are just plain fascinated by what we don’t know or understand.


3. Mr. and Mrs. Kardashian- Disick

This is the on-and-off one. They really do seem to love and care about each other, but it could turn toxic. They have been together for so long, you sincerely cannot imagine them with anyone else. They are so entwined in each other’s lives, having the same friends, going to the same church, sometimes even being classmates!, it only seems logical that they remain together. The con is that they really do not realize when it is time to walk away amicably, so when they finally part, it is bloody. Do not be them.


You should read: WE CAME TO SLAY!

4. Mr. and Mrs. Etomi-Wellington

This one legitimately blew your mind when you found out. You might have seen them a couple of times or maybe not. However, when you found out, its mind-blowing and you feel stupid for not seeing what was hidden in plain sight. Don’t be too hard on yourself sha, you’re not the only one who played yourself. When you discover them, you wonder whether they have been laughing at you behind closed doors, for being short-sighted. When you find out, for some reason you find yourself at an extremity- absolute love or total hate- about them.

You take sides for some reason as if, no, maybe they are your family members. They are so cute, you are so happy for them and sometimes claim to know them, even if they are your roommate’s ex-boyfriend’s sister’s friend (and partner).



5. Mr. and Mrs. Drihanna

Yes, I just combined Drake and Rihanna to get an utterly silly portmanteau word, but, I digress. This is the most relatable to me, because I’ve literally been there and done that. All I can say is, People of God, please don’t do it, just don’t. You see it coming, run, run to Mount Kilimanjaro and just stay there till you find out that the other person is married with children and has moved 3 continents away! (Okay, that was a bit of an exaggeration).

This couple are just not sure in this life. Similar to Kardashian-Disick, the difference is that they are not ever expressly together. They are ‘friends’😒… with benefits (which could be emotional or physical or both, actually), and never break up because although they spend all their time together, thy are never ‘together’. You can bet your left leg that they are together, but whenever you ask either of them, you get a resounding NO! My dear, see ehn, just siddon where you dey. They’ll be fine.


6. Mr. and Mrs. Beckham

You just don’t get it. You love to hate them, because you wonder,’Who gave them the right to be so perfect?’, ‘When will my own come?’. They just seem too good to be true. Both intelligent, heartwarming, so in love, influential, good-looking, stylish et., al. They bring out the almost non-existent jealousy in you, making you delusional to thinking that they must be doing it ‘for show’. My dear, just stop the bad belle because you honestly just probably want to be them (Don’t worry, it is coming to you, in good time). Truth be told, we can’t have it all, but its okay.

There are still variations of romance you’d find in University. Relationships there are so dynamic and quite hilarious actually. My favourite are still the Wellingtons because their low key nature is too enviable, biko. Plus, they seem to always have a postive vibe. My least favourite is Drihanna because its too draining, for little or nothing.

I know its so 2014, but I love the classic memes so I just incorporated a few for the sake of nostalgia.

 Ladies, never forget this;


Here’s to hoping this made you smile, reminisce or at least feel like you didn’t waste your precious minutes reading this!

Just in case.. S.O. means Significant Other. It took me way too long to figure that out.

What other types of couples do you know in Post- Secondary school? What is your favourite as well as your no-no? Any interesting stories or tips?

Let’s know in the comments!!




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18 thoughts on “Six Couples You Definitely Me(e)t In University

  1. LoooL! This is so apt. Personally I am all for expressive “jack and rose type” couples but sometimes its just better to be on the Etomi-Wellington side of things. Nice post…xxx

  2. Fell in love with the narrative of this post. I’m here for the Etomi-Wellington kind of relationship ! This post was fun to read 🙂

  3. What did I not see in LUTH?! As early as 5:00AM going for prayer meeting with sleep in my eyes and seeing people doing love made me wonder ehn! later you will be hearing there’s no time to write lab report 🌚

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