OUT AND ABOUT: My Experience at #EatDrinkFestival

Hey Tribe,

This is different from the usual but I thought it’d be nice to relive this fun experience. The Christmas season has so many events, it is so crazy. Nigerians are so amazing! Everybody complains that they don’t have money, but malls, markets and shows are filled. At the end of the day, God provides and we just want to be happy.

So, I like food, a lot. It may not show, but I really do.

As an avid reader of Eat.Drink.Lagos (EDL), I was so happy and so proud when Nosa and Folly, who run EDL, started the #EatDrinkFestival. (lets call it EDF). So far, I have been able to attend the two editions in 2016- Summer (July) and Christmas (December).

I am so sorry, I do not have a lot of pictures to prove my point and these ones are not the best, biko manage, your girl is learning.

#EatDrinkFestival 2.0 (The Summer Edition )

It took place in Fantasyland, Ikoyi on July 17, 2016. It was quite organized and had 31 food vendors. I saw a lot of people from secondary school I had not seen in years and a lot of bloggers (including Nosa and Folly) in the flesh. It was beyond super cool! Earlier in the day, there were just some people eating and taking pictures, but as the day rolled by, it just became full of people and there was literally no space to walk and people started smoking and extra-drinking. Parking was just…ugggh, and cost us 500 Naira. There were so many people, and more were coming. The venue was past capacity. At around past 5pm, my friends and I left. Through it all, it was a fun experience.

Source: Instagram

What I Had

Kravins: I had Turkey and Chips which cost 1500 Naira, initially. Service was a bit slow, but it tasted so good and was worth the wait. I also had a bit of the pork chops my friends bought, and it was so good. I went back to buy a pack for a friend, I noticed they had increased the price to 2000 Naira and removed the price list, probably due to the increase in people. Bad move guys, bad move.

Smoothie Express: I had a Berry Smoothie which cost 1000 Naira. It was a good-sized cup, and it tasted really nice. Service was good and fast. Plus, the brown paper bag packaging was so cute, I actually kept it. No complaints there.

Hans and Rene: I had read so many reviews on H&R, I just had to try it!! I had two flavours of Gelato (which tasted just like ice-cream, same difference). It tasted alright. Each scoop cost 800 Naira.

Dazzle Foods: I had this Zobo thingy that my friend bought (which cost 500 Naira). It was basically coloured water and ice. I really hope their other drinks tasted better. This one was not good at all.

Gala Rosa: Passing by their stand, my friends and I were called to try samples, and the owner said we would love it. We were thinking. ‘Sebi its free, no wahala. We will sha not buy anything’. We were wrong! The white and red wine samples tasted so good, we got a bottle of the Red wine. I have not tasted a lot of wines, but to my standards (and that of my friends), it was so good. It cost about 2800 Naira.

#EatDrinkFestival 2.1 (The Festival Special)


It took place December 27, 2016 at Eko Atlantic, Victoria Island. This one was so much better, and had about 52 vendors (over 50% more vendors than the last one. Wawu!). This time around I went with my sisters. It was super-organized and there was so much seating space, movement space and parking space (for free). The maps they gave us were so helpful in finding the stalls, and each stand had a price list, just like the last one.

Eko Atlantic is so beautiful. I cannot wait for them to finish up. Money good oh, but I digress.

There were at least two times the number of people in this edition compared to the last one (apparently, about 8000 people!!!), but there was space, so it did not matter, I met so many people, again, and the I-Just-Got-Backs were definitely having a field day. It was a lot of fun with just the right kind and volume of music to make the ambience even better.

What I Had

VictoriaTreats: I had their waffle which was garnished with Nutella and Icing Sugar. It was just the right texture, not hard and not soft. It also had the right amount of sugariness to it. All in all, I would definitely find them to get the waffle once more. It was so good and cost 700 Naira.

It tasted way better than it looks in this sad picture

LimeHouse: My sister bought a non-alcoholic cocktail called ‘Christmas Hoedown’ which cost 1000 Naira, and I had a bit of it. It was super tangy with too much lime-y-ness. We could not finish it. It did not fit our taste buds at all. Maybe someone else would like it, because a lot of people were buying from their stall, so they should be doing something right.


Heels In The Kitchen: I had heard so much about Chef Imoteda of HITK and I was so excited to try some of her stuff out. The customer service was good… and fast. I had the Pork Ribs was cost 1500 Naira for about five pieces. It was well done, and the flavour of the marinade was properly soaked up by the pork. It was a bit sugary for my Nigerian taste buds, but it actually tasted good. Would repurchase if I were to come across it again.

Honey’s Cupcakes: She was so attentive and so cute, her service was the best I recieved. I had her ‘Create Your Own’ cupcakes where you choose a cake flavour, filling, frosting and additional senrenre basically.


I picked a chocolate cupcake, marshmallow filling, caramel frosting, with honey and Maltesers to top it off. It was the bomb!! The cake tasted heavenly, the frosting was just beautiful. She is definitely doing my next birthday cake.

Peep the marshmallows 🙂

By the way, I do not like cake, so this is a lot coming from me. The ‘Create Your Own’ cupcake cost 800 Naira. For a normal sized cupcake, it wasn’t the cheapest, but the whole package (including the great customer service) was so worth it.

Smoothie Express: Yes, I was a repeat offender. I really liked the one I got in the July Edition, and I was so dehydrated, so I thought, why not? I ordered a Mocha breakfast smoothie for myself and a Pineapple Smoothie for my sister, and was told to come back in 30 minutes,I did and they were not ready. About 2 hours, after much hassle, I got 2 smoothies, but they said they had run out of the Mocha breakfast one. I just asked them to give me what they had, and they gave me the Red Velvet smoothie.

Red Velvet Smoothie

Apart from the really bad time delay and the by-force order replacement, their smoothies tasted just as good as the last time. It was just the right texture, temperature and taste. Their customer service was alright, and each smoothie I got cost 1000 Naira.

I have thoroughly and enjoyed my experience at this Food Festival, and I really enjoy reading EDL. Definitely check out their blog —>  Eat.Drink.Lagos if you are looking for a  variety of restaurants and hang-out spots. They seem to do an honest review of the places they go to, and their banter makes for a great reading experience.

If you love food (who doesn’t?), you should definitely be at the 2017 edition coming up in the second quarter, especially if the venue is a big space like Eko Atlantic. Please carry money oh, and go as early as possible, especially if you are Enoclophobic* like I am.

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