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I guess it is safe to say, at this point, that I am such a random somebody. Today, I am talking about the importance of The Girl Child. Tomorrow, I am here dreaming about people that don’t even know I exist.

Hope you’ve had a good BAAD week! Be prepared, you’ll see this word a lot here.

Weddings in Nigeria have a life of their own, the Bella Naija Weddings account has over 2.7 millon Instagram followers! There are tons of other ‘wedding’ accounts, pre-wedding photos accounts, aso-ebi accounts among others. It’s a culture on its own.

Let us just take a few minutes…


Look, I don’t even know where to start. It is too much for me. I juss kent! in this post, I already mentioned that they are my favourite type of couple.


I am a hopeless romantic. I love love. It makes me giddy and fuzzy within.

I remember watching Banky W’s ‘Ebute-Metta’ and thinking, Here’s another fine-boy-I-just-got-back who wants to take over Nigerian music (and probably rolling my eyes). I was also wondering why he decided to wear that green polo, but I digress.

Also, in a way, he is the guy that blessed us with Wizkid, so he is a certified Nigerian hero!

Adesua, on the other hand, shook me. I noticed her for the first time in MTV Shuga and I just thought, Wawu! Who is this beyyyituful damzel? She just came off as elegant, dignified, but still down-to-earth and confident. With time, I came to realize that it wasn’t just the role she was playing. Every single act I saw her in, albeit few, she was really, really good.  Then, I found out she is a first class graduate, and I was done!

Then ‘The Wedding Party’ came! I went to three different cinemas in a bid to watch this movie and it was either sold out or the queue was too darned long. I finally watched it on a laptop. You already know how phenomenal (in every sense of the word) this movie is, no need for story.

Let’s fast forward the internet-breaking engagement announcement, stunning Introduction (her outfit still gets me every single time I come across it), Ebuka’s Agbada, their gorgeous outfits for the traditional marriage and that (probably free) trip to SA (which they just mistakenly forgot to send my invitation). I know you have seen enough pictures, so I won’t repeat them here, no worry.

Right now, I want to be BAAD so bad!… or do I?

This isn’t even about the pomp and pageantry.

 Okay, Desire, stop lying, that’s a little part of it. Seriously though, here’s why;

Fiction = Fact

We all have watched movies where you just wish the on-screen couple would just magically become real (I had a Troy and Gabriella moment).

 Watching their chemistry in the movie made me shift in my seat because I just wondered how they looked so good together. I also watched the ‘Made For You’ video and they seemed to truly tune in to one another, so I actually concluded that it was just great acting. Well, a few months later, we found out it was that, and then some.

I want to envision things in my mind (or become a part of a great vision), bring them to life and see it pan out beautifully, and then some!


I used to be #TeamForeverSimpleWeddingForEveryone.

 However, now, I realize the importance of memories and I can see why people would want to be grand about the stuff.

I still want a really small wedding, but if someone feels that having a big one would bring real-time happiness bring it on! As long as one can truly afford it, why not?

You would have great memories to relive in your short stay on earth. That is something no one can buy or replace for you.

Not every time frugal, some days could be worth the splurge if you want to. It could be an anniversary of sorts or just a day when you’re feeling it. Sometimes, be BAAD.


At the risk of sounding like a famzer (someone who exaggerates claims to know someone), I actually know Jemima Osunde.

When I met her, she was in 200 level studying Physiotherapy, and my sister randomly introduced her as a friend and she later moved into the hostel we stayed in. I found out she was a very active actress, and watched her in Shuga.

Now, this girl went to the same school and survived the same conditions I whined about. Desire kept complaining endlessly about how school was too stressful to do anything non-school related.

Jemima, on the other hand had to school and travel incessantly for work. She did both elegantly, and is still doing it! Plus, she still used to join in the normal room banter. She is a real bundle of sunshine with her ever-present smiles and hugs.

I have not met a lot of  celebrities, but she is definitely a great representation of them.

My reason for putting her as a solid, major reason for wanting to be BAAD is that she is a real, true-life example of doing it all and doing it well. She must be going through so much to organize her life but she is doing well, and I am genuinely proud of her.


This brand moved from 4 to over 58 thousand Instagram followers in 5 days because of 1 outfit worn by 1 customer. Look at the statistics, it is pretty darn amazing!

This man has been working for years and was relatively popular ( I saw his collection on Bella Naija and know that his work is epic), but that Agbada put him on the radar for good!!!

This just goes to say that it could take one step, one sale, one referral, one good word for you to blow! So give it your all! Take that shot. Make it great, no matter what.


On the flip side, however, I would not like to bear the brunt of the pressure they must have felt (and still feel).

There was so much attention on them, cameras and people everywhere. I truthfully wonder how the couple actually enjoyed their moment.

Everybody’s like; I love their love, their marriage must be permanent, I can’t wait to see their children, etcetera.

Now, what if life churns something else out? I am not saying it will (God forbid!), but what if their story is a bit different than we all imagine? They would probably have it harder than your average couple, and that would be because of us.

Fact is, you and I need to cut them some slack, they are human. I almost forget that sometimes and it is highly unfair. They deserve to write their story, with no pressure, no holds barred.


Yesterday, my classmate got married and earlier today I found out that my final year project partner is engaged, and I was reminded (again) that I am growing, things will change.

I was watching Tife Soloye’s video and she brought to my remembrance the fact that marriage is deep.

Two people literally become one! Just like the 11 people in a football team.

 One space, one home, one decision.

You cannot just run away or ‘not do’ again. You’re there.

You have to resolve to make each other happy. You have to constantly be aware of this (or at least, that’s what I have been told).

It involves making yourself one with an entirely different person with a different background, different families, different tastes in food, different goals, and somehow you have to merge it into one.

Am I ready for that?

Nope, I am not. Definitely not right now.

Now, , do I want to be BAAD?


I want to be BAAD… the Jemima, Ugo Monye, YOLO part of BAAD.

The expectations and Multiplication can wait, I am not ready yet.

So, were you like me? Refreshing your Instagram explore for #BAAD2017 photos?

Do you want to be BAAD or nah? Who is your favourite on and off screen couple?

Let us know in the comments!

Thank you so much for taking time out to read.



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  1. I want to be BAAD without all the frenzy but mansnotready!
    Favourite off screen couple would have to be my parents 😍 and one of my friend’s whose name rhymes with her partners’ (😏)
    ‘For the record’ i might know your future Banky😉

    1. Please, ejo, biko tell me oh!!! Me,I am looking for him abeg.
      This comment is literally the cutest thing ever because… Your parents!!!!..are your #Goals. So cute.

  2. I want to be BAAD oh but no money in the akant oh. God dey sha. My time shall come.
    Let me not even lie and say my parents are my favourite couple 😂 but fav on screen would definitely be Olu Jacobs and Joke Silva. The longevity is very key. I like omotola and ‘captain’ too.
    Special recognition to those two you mentioned above, Jemima and Ugo Monye (let me also add Akin Faminu), I love their ‘Baad’.
    As always, good one Desire.

    1. Money will come definitely, akant will soon be overflowing, just watch!
      I love and respect them so much too. They are the epitome of longevity, and it’s so cute to see!
      Yes oh, Akin Faminu and Cassie Dave’s require special recognition, because eez nor easy at all.
      Thank you very much for reading and and your kind words!!

  3. I’m obsessed with BAAD too ! First time I probably saw Adesuwa was in that Banky W’s video and I couldn’t understand how someone could be so pretty. Eventually we’ll catch our Ugo Monye break, we just need to wait on it 🙂
    Lovely post !

    1. Please, Child of God, join Susu oh, please. Both of you should ‘play’ together and slay together. No time!
      Thank you so much for reading and this comment that me smile this night.

  4. I love jemima! She’s so pretty and she looks like someone that will have sense. I also love the BAAD couple, tho it got a little too much.
    BTW, nice blog!

    1. I love her too, and she does makes sense.
      I agree with you, it got a tad much. My Instagram explore page was filled to the brim with their pictures!! I can’t lie though, I was really waiting to see them.
      Thank you so much for your kind words!

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