Hey Tribe,

First off, Happy Independence Day everyone!!!!!

Why am I so excited? I feel like this is my conscious first time as a semi-adult witnessing Nigeria as a country, not just as Lagos alone.

There’s a lot going on, and there’s a lot of positivity, in fact, more than usual. There’s still a lot of negativity though.

We have a few students working with us currently and one of the days at work, I just decided to carry out a random survey at work with them and some of my co-workers, where I asked the question;

‘Do you think Nigeria will EVER get better?’

I extended this to some of my friends and acquaintances.

Now, my sample was basically a bunch of twenty-somethings (aka my generation), and here is the result of my survey:

65% – NO


20%- YES

I was quite devastated and I still am, honestly still in shock. I mean, I knew that things were bad, but that bad? Never would have guessed. I mean, this is our next crop of fathers, mothers, leaders!

A friend of mine basically said we should start a campaign letting our displeasures be known via Social Media today as we need things to change, and we have nothing to be proud of as a nation.

I understand his view, but I have been a complaining girl and I know it makes nothing better, so I am looking to being practical in little ways as drops of water make an ocean.

Now, there is no dispute that things are in a horrid mess, honestly, but please, please, what can we actually do to convert poop to manure??

How can we actually begin this journey of a thousand billion miles?

These are just a few suggestions that have been tried and tested by a few;

Nigerians, throw your trash in bins!!!!!!!

I cannot for the love of God within me understand why someone who had enough initiative to make enough money to ride in a Range Rover cannot apply the same in the little things in life.

Look, we buy Gala in traffic, eat it in the car, how about we don’t toss it out of the window? How about we wait till we get to a trash bin (even if it is at home)?

Imagine the beauty that would be if we all actually threw trash in the right places?

No LUTH gate flood, No foul-smelling roads, No unnecessary rat infestation, a better-looking environment, No blocked drainages in general!!!

Point is, please throw trash where it belongs, please?

Sprinkle kindness everywhere.

I remember some mornings when I would be on my way from home going to school, and I used to see these people sharing bread to a lineup of less privileged people. Now, I don’t know if they were different people or the same person, all I know is that the joy on the faces of the recipients was really palpable. At a point, I even wanted the bread because I was thinking, I want that happiness too.

Just in case you think it was some political mantra or a financially resilient person, it probably wasn’t because the giver had a very simple Golf (or a car that looked like it). To me, this person was just someone trying to make people happier, and they really were.

What capacity can you work in? Volunteer? Give a bit of funding? Talk to and inspire people? Give your neighbour’s children Capri-Sonne? There has to be something you can do.

What is it? Do it! Today. (Or at least start the planning today)

Pay for that extra piece of meat

If you ever went to a Nigerian Primary School, you were told that honesty is the best policy.

The only thing more true is that Jesus is Lord.

I recall buying food one time and an extra piece of meat was put in for me, and when I went back to pay, I think the person was genuinely surprised.

No matter who you are, and how many lies we tell and things we steal, we can never dispute the fact that we all respect honesty.

We want honest leaders, family, friends… especially leaders, it seems.

How about you actually do your part? Your friend does his, your cousin’s friend’s aunty does hers… and so on. Imagine! Just imagine the greatness that will ensue!!!

One time when Mr. Fashola was governor, he showed up casually one Saturday morning in the area I lived in where work was ‘on-going’ on the road (Actually, the people broke the road and left it in a horrible state). Apparently, he was really angry at the fact that the contractors had not done better, and that week, work resumed earnestly and when the road was finished, we were all very happy. It was ‘just a road’ but it really made things better for a lot of people.

Now, the governor/ president cannot go everywhere (funny how all the blame falls on them eventually) so the onus is on the people who have been given these jobs to actually do them, because it’s a ripple effect that affects a lot of people.

Same thing go for you and I, wherever we are, do your part!

When given excess change, return. When given a job, complete it. When you find lost money, make a genuine effort to find the owner.

Be Nice

I won’t even say too much about this, it is not an enigma. It cannot be over-emphasized.

When at the supermarket paying counter, smile.

When you buy fuel, let the attendant know she’s doing a good job.

When the teller at the bank gives you your receipt, say a simple, smiling thank you.

I cannot count the number of times that a patient or client saying a simple thank you or well done, my dear has made me feel better  less like another spike in the wheel and more like a useful human being!!

Never forget the power of positive speaking (and thinking)

I used to tell my friends all the time that I would do my internship in Delta, and before I knew what was happening, I had already subconsciously started picturing what my life would be like there.

Now, I did not really ever think I would ever end up there, but then… I did.

I am 10000 percent sure that it was my thoughts that literally took me there. I had put it in my thoughts so many times that it literally became my reality.

Now, I have started putting it in practice in other aspects of my life, you really should too!

So, now, I have decided to see Nigeria having 24/7/365 electricity, being cleaned up, having a great educational system, having honest people.

We are a world away from there, but let us start where we are… with fear, doubt, insincerity, anger, distrust… but let us start!

So, here’s 57 Cheers to The Land Of Our Dreams.

To being more loving.

To being less selfish.

To being more successful.

To living our dreams.

To Good People.

To A Great Nation.

To Nigeria.




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  1. Well said, Desire. Good points you’ve raised. Little drops of water make a mighty ocean. The minute role every individual plays will eventually go a long way in improving the collective. Change begins with us as individuals and every meaningful and lasting change starts on the inside and works its way out. We cannot continue to blame our leaders, let’s take the first step… Nigeria will be great again.
    But that meat you went to pay for shaa 😂. Maybe the vendor was just being nice to you, just eat the thing and be happy!

    1. wonderful piece. I agree with what you said. positive thinking is very important. everyone should do their little part to move us forward.

    2. Your comment made me really happy!! You literally spoke my mind, and it’s nice to know that there are people who share the same passion. Nigeria truly will be great!!
      Maybe you’re right about the meat oh, never actually thought of it that way 😅

  2. A very sense-filled article, especially the first point about trash! It sickens me that litter is literally EVERYWHERE. That’s how you can even know that the photo has been taken in Nigeria sometimes. It’s disgraceful, and If I was to become president, the first thing I would do is to sentence litterers to flogging. Such blatant disregard. I’ve littered a few times and felt so guilty afterwards. When I eat something, I hold onto the trash until I get home or near a bin – another issue, why aren’t there more bins around?
    Lool being nice is also a good one. It can be hard though, especially considering some people who do customer service are rude and unapproachable. They need deliverance

    1. It’s true oh, yhey need deliverance 😂😂. Honestly, the trash thing really grinds my gears! We actually do need more bins around, still, in Lagos where I live, you could literally see a bin and a heap of trash side by side and it makes you wonder..
      I do believe that We are a work in progress, and with more people like you and I, we must move forward!
      Thank you Amaka!

  3. Good post. I notice I’ve started defaulting in the “be nice” area. Sometimes the terrible reception and customer service I recieve just creates a barrier in that regard and makes me indifferent. I’ll work on that again.
    Truly, in our little ways, on our blogs, we create a standard system which matters in the long run.

    1. Thank you Debby! It’s so difficult to be nice but I always try to remi nd myself that I do it for the greater good, and even though I default sometimes, more often than not, I win!
      Like you said, let’s take baby steps, we’d grow!
      Thank you so much for reading and your lovely comment.

  4. Wonderful points Desire. About the trash, let’s educate more people including the kids even though they have chosen to be ignorant. A smile/ cheerful attitude is good even in the midst of aggression.
    I’m particularly interested in that converting of poop… 😂. Anything for reuse /recycle.
    Well done.

    1. Judiiii!!!!
      At this point the onus is on our generation because we are the next generation-in-charge, and I believe we can do it!
      I’m all for reuse and recycle too, majorly so.
      Thank you so much for reading and supporting love!!

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