Learning Life || Four New Ways I’m Loving Myself

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Self-love is being preached everywhere I go. I am not quite sure if it’s just how my social media is set up but I keep coming across the act of self-love. As a teenager, I had no real idea of this concept because honestly all was quite well in my world.

When adulthood began to force herself into my life I struggled with losing myself and self-love( its dearth actually) became my reality. This wasn’t (and isn’t) in terms of putting myself above others or placing them above myself.

This is simply about not excluding myself from joy. It really is about allowing myself truly be well… myself and enjoy the seemingly vague things that assist in cumulating my happiness

In life, it really is in the seemingly little things. I have started are some of the changes I have slowly, intentionally placed in my life which have led to more confident, self-love indulgent Desire;

Sharing My Day

My Instagram is basically about the Story feature. On YouTube, I have always preferred vlogs to tutorials simply because I love knowing about the ‘real life’ of people. Call me silly but I thrive on seeing how people live, in general. It seems to leave me enthralled. On that basis, I recently started sharing snippets of my day on Instagram which doess give me more confidence because putting myself ‘out there’ is one thing I have always wanted to do but lacked the courage to. Now, it is not as difficult as it used to be to let myself go and I am loving it!

C04B34C7-683F-40F1-9774-FC47EB90E9F2Encouraging People

Everyone has a superpower and it comes in different facets; Academic excellence, Great sense of style, Astounding leadership traits, you name it. At other times, it comes in more subtle ways, like mine.

I don’t know how to breathe fire but I do have what I call ‘The Power Of The Encourager’. I won’t even be modest.

I. Believe. In. People.

As much as I may have been hurt by this, it comes as my first notion to genuinely trust and support people so I have decided to just go with it and it does make me feel like a better person.

So, yes, I choose to believe in the dreams of people; encourage when things go wrong and celebrate when it goes right, and there I find a site of my joy.

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Loving My Hair

… or lack thereof.

A few weeks ago, I went ahead to finally join the cut (and dye) life after three years of wanting to do so.

I kid you not, this was a phenomenal moment for me- my whole outlook on my life changed. I know its ‘just hair’ but it had such a hold on me and I didn’t even realize till I let it go.

This singular act was followed by Desire actually feeling and acting beautiful. I would look in the mirror and know that I am beautiful, I needed no one to remind me. I love how I look now and it has definitely resounds in the way I love myself.


Taking More Pictures

If you’d known me five years ago, I really hated taking pictures except I was locked in a dungeon protected by a fire-breathing dragon and the keys thrown out (I’d still hate it though). This was actually because I cared way too much about ‘what people would think’ and if I could ever really look good in pictures.

Circa 2018, I haven’t mastered the art of taking pictures in front of crowds but at least now there are pictures of me out there in the world as I take pictures more frequently, consciously putting myself out there.

This rather elementary act has improved the way I see myself in a positive way and I love the pictures I have.

I keep saying, I love love, and a prominent phase of that is self-love.

It is imperative that you remember to appreciate, praise and congratulate you for a change! It may not come at all times you want it to, it takes a deliberate effort. This is not for anyone else but for yourself.

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Love you.

Be You.

For You.

How do you consciously love yourself? How do you get out of a depressive rut?

Please,  us know in the comments!

Thank you so much for reading.



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15 thoughts on “Learning Life || Four New Ways I’m Loving Myself

    1. Thank you so much Chinemelum!! I love how much you support me and you definitely were the inspiration for me to finally cut it off.
      I love you so much ❤️❤️❤️

  1. This post made me smile. 😊
    I don’t love myself fully yet but I am getting there one day at a time. Loving myself more and more each day.

    1. Awww, hi DamDam!!! It has been a boatload of a struggle but like you said, one step at a time and we would become the exact person we want to be.
      Thank you so much for your comment❤️

  2. Aww you’re so cute, especially with your new haircut. I also hope to cut my hair some day. Glad to see you’re taking steps towards putting yourself out there and all! You can do it, can’t wait to see more posts from you!

    1. Hi Amaka!! It feels so good to see you here again!
      Thank you so much for the kind words, really appreciate them.
      Now, I always tell people to cut their hair if they want to because the liberation and joy it gives me is unreal and I feel like they might feel the same way.
      I love your support girl! Thank you ❤️❤️

  3. Thank you so much for this post Desire !
    Your hair is amazing. I might just cut my hair again.
    Putting myself out there is a struggle for me, but we only live once right ?!

    1. Thank you so much!!
      Ahh, it was one of the best decisions I made this year.
      I also struggle with it , but I do believe I am getting better. I am so sure you are too!
      Ps. Congratulations on self- hosting!! ❤️❤️

  4. I’m loving my self more by netflix and chilling 😊. But tbh one thing I really want to do is enjoy my own company. I don’t go out much because I feel weird and awkward going out alone but come one I live in France! Top 5 destinations in the world and I can’t allow shyness prevent me from enjoying the beautiful county

  5. I can not possiblly be the only one that learnt something striking from this post.

    I have literally read 3 articles on a go, and my opinion? I will keep coming back!

    Your perspective is personal and I can relate to that..

  6. DD 😚Am so proud of you,You inspire me alot so proud to have an elder sister like you, Chinemelum and favour.God bless us all 😳😳

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