Why not Number One?

Hi Everyone,

This is the first time I’m actually writing something to be published (so bear with me), Desire insisted that I do this, so let’s start. Has that question ever occurred to you? Why not number one? One thing I’ve realised is that everyone (and I mean everyone) wants to leave a legacy but most people don’t, the reason is that somewhere along the line life happens and they lose focus and direction or maybe they just give up. People have this idea that being the best at what you do is somehow far-fetched they always say there’s someone out there better than you.

I say, find that someone, learn from that someone, be better than that someone and then, Be That Someone.

It is very achievable trust me, normally I usually don’t like to give steps to achieving success so let’s not call this steps let’s say they are principles…agreed?…now I have these 6 principles that have helped me so far and I’ll share them with you. I really hope they help you as they have me. I call them the LEGACY BEES….(see the way I just invented fine name like that…lol) don’t mind me I like to goof around. So let’s continue…The Legacy Bees.

Be A Reader
Have you ever heard that saying that goes something like “Readers are Leaders” . Yes yes I’m a strong advocate for reading, when I talk with people and they ask what’s my hobby I always say I love to read and their responses vary some people like awesome Desire say “I love to read too” and I know I instantly have a friend because I only like bookish people (I’m biased like that) others say “well I find it very hard to read school stuff much less novels or motivational books” and I think in my head that “that’s just wrong” we all have no excuse, you want to learn? Then read…it’s as easy as that, nobody is born with the natural ability of finishing one book in a day. I started reading in JSS 3 during my long holiday after Junior WAEC, my brother went out and bought me a lot of novels, it would take weeks to finish one book but I persisted and I found that I actually enjoyed it. Yes I admit that some books are very boring but they have too much content to be ignored. When you read, you learn from other people’s experiences and you avoid the mistakes they made, reading makes you smart and it makes you aware. You want to leave a legacy then build yourself up first…read…please read….read anything and everything, read the news, read about sports, read motivational books, read your Bible. You could form a book club with like-minded friends and discuss what you learnt, read about histories, those times of war and everything. I’m not claiming perfect, but I read a lot, I always have a book with me anywhere I go. Develop the habit of reading it’s too important to neglect.

Be Disciplined
As far as I’m concerned discipline is the ability to do the right thing at the right time, a disciplined person doesn’t procrastinate, I know it’s not easy to say the least, I’m still a learner in this department but I have some few tips…develop a system in your personal life, for me that means waking up at 5am everyday, fellowship with my heavenly father for an hour or more depending on my activities for the day, then lay my bed, have my bath, dress up and go out. Now for me it has been a war to follow this system, yes I open my eyes at 5am most days due to my alarm but the remaining things don’t always follow in that order, I usually end up dozing off…I’m saying this so that you realise that it’s perfectly normal but the key thing here is to be persistent in what you do, develop a system and follow through every day. The great people you see today are all disciplined, learn it, imbibe it and live it.

Be The Best At What You Do
In whatever you do strive to be the best, now I’m not saying be competitive…no…far from it. I’m saying in everything you do give your all, give 100% regardless of what everyone else is doing. If all you do everyday is wake up and brush your teeth then strive to be the best tooth brusher in all of history, this means that you may probably have to develop your own ideal toothbrush, you’ll have to be aware of all the toothpastes, their contents and effectiveness, side effects too. You will have to know the anatomy and physiology of the mouth, you have to be aware of everything that concerns tooth brushing. So you see what I mean, it’s not an easy task, in fact you’ll most likely be termed “goody-two-shoes” or “oversabi” because with every task you are given you are completely focused and you give your all.

I admit that there are sometimes when you just don’t feel up to it, it’s okay to take a rest once in awhile, don’t now go and faint at work one day and say it’s because Ore said you should be the best, I didn’t send you that one ooo….don’t mind me, just kidding. My point here is that in everything you find your hands doing strive for excellence, don’t settle for less.

Be Willing To Help
This is my second favourite Legacy Bee, help stems from love, you can only help when you care so what am I saying in essence, care about people and what’s happening with them, don’t be self-centered. So you are driving and you see a long queue at the bus stop, nothing stops you from stopping to help a few people (I admit that in Naija you have to be careful with that kinda stuff so you don’t fall victim) or your friend doesn’t understand a topic you are quite good at, nothing stops you from teaching him or her. Have you ever spoken with a beggar on the road, I’m not asking if you’ve given them money before, I’m asking if you’ve had a proper conversation albeit short with any of them…..most of us haven’t. Be willing to help, help could be financial, help could be in form of a hug or good advice, help could be a word of prayer. Don’t just look at something and say it doesn’t concern me, enter every new job or friendship or relationship or church and everything else with the “how can I help” mentality not “how can I receive”. I admit that there are some people that given the chance they can leach on you and suck you dry, you leave their company always feeling drained, in such cases you may have to take a step back. But wherever you are, whatever you are doing always be available to help.

Be Content
“Godliness with contentment is a great gain” I’m sure you’ve heard this before, they aren’t my words. So here’s what I think…face your own life, I mean you have enough to worry about already. Let’s take girls for example, we get jealous of the girl that has all the guys fawning over her, the girl with the latest weaves, the girl with best clothes, or that girl that has a car while you are still struggling with your Legedes Benz and jumping okada up and down….the things we think about sometimes though. I personally can’t speak for guys. I’m not one so I don’t really know.

So my point is be content with what you have right now, of course strive for better to be better, but don’t define your life based on someone else’s definition of what is good. Have your own goals, dreams and aspirations and work towards them, be who you are. Everybody has their own stories and experiences don’t try to be like them.


Be All About God
This is definitely my favourite Legacy Bee. You can’t be anything or anyone without God. I feel sorry for people that don’t think God exists, there’s too much evidence that proves otherwise, I mean the sun that shines on your head every day that is so hot and cannot be touched, who made it and put it up in the sky and how come it’s able to stay there, rise and set and not fall on your head. Start and end your day with God every day, let God lead you, commit everything to him and he’ll make your paths straight. My life before God cannot be compared to my life with him, he’s everything to me, I can’t be without him. Develop a love relationship with him, get to know him and willingly obey any instruction he gives. He loves you so much, the legacy you so desire he’ll help attain it, put him first and every other thing will fall into place.

So guys, those are my 6 Legacy Bees, of course there are other things like relationships I don’t mean love love ooh, I mean relationships with everyone, don’t take people for granted and treat them like crap because you somehow think you are better than them. Save money, not every time buy buy, sometimes save save, and give too givers never lack. So I know that this kind of articles are usually written by well-known, successful people but since I’m going ti join them sooner rather than later, I figured why not start writing too? Yes, I can do copy copy….lol.
An amazing thank you to Oluwadesire Uba for this opportunity to share my thoughts on her blog, she’s such a good friend, if you are reading this then subscribe to her blog she writes really great stuff.
I hope that somehow I’ve been able to reach out to someone out there…that’s more than enough for me, if you read this to the end then thanks and God bless. Take care guys, much love *kizzes*

Oreoluwa Banwo.

Ore is one of the smartest, kindest people I know, so you should actually listen to her. You might be able to tell that we are quite similar, and like they say, ‘You attract who you are’, and I am so proud to say I know her.

I plan on having more guest posts regarding various issues that actually matter, so watch this space.

I still struggle so much with contentment and even though I read, I still feel like I don’t do enough. 

What do you struggle with? What are your ‘Legacy Bees’?

Thank you so much for visiting. Hoping you’re here to stay.



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  1. Oreoluwa! Thank you for sharing the LEGACY BEES with us. They will be very helpful.
    I struggle with reading oh but thanks for adding sports to the mix cos that’s all I ever read happily

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