5 (+1) Free Apps That Will Ultimately Improve Your Life.

Hey Tribe!

I know that the people who know me would have read the title of this post, and would have rolled their eyes. Why?

Just because I literally suck at ‘using’ my phone. I am that extremely annoying person that constantly leaves her phone at home and replies WhatsApp messages after three days. I just learnt how to properly use Xender three months ago. Yes, I am that girl, and no, I am not proud to be that person. They would be wondering what I think I know about phones or technology in general.

However, when I do use my phone, I spend A LOT of time on Instagram, which personally does not profit much, except the fact that I admire the people and stories I witness there. It would be nice to actually use my phone for something that would productive for ME, instead of just constantly watching others be productive.

This is where this post comes in handy. These apps are amazing and have been thoroughly helpful in my everyday life.


This is an amazingly simple App that helps you be intentional in life. It is basically a Gratitude journal of sorts.

You could do Gratitude Exercises where you write what you are grateful for and why. Also, ‘Meaning In Work’ on the App is an amazing way to continually be thankful in your job and find joy in its little things.

You may wonder why the hell you need to do stuff like this. It seems pretty frivolous, right?


From experience, I have realized that you are as good as what you acknowledge. So, you acknowledge the good in your life, and better things do come.

You feel better. You realize that you are so much better than what you give yourself credit for. This leads you to actually doing better.

Focusing on the positive even as you acknowledge the negative (not vice versa), actually breeds more favorable results.

Bliss actually helps you do this on-the-go, easily, and even in different categories of life!

It is pretty BLISSful (sorry, I couldn’t help but add this pun). You should try it.


Ahh, the joy that is Medium! If you follow my Instastories, you would know how much I adore Medium, and deservedly so.

I bless the Lord for the day I came across this app!! Okay, that’s enough.

Medium allows you publish independently. You don’t have to be under any publisher if you don’t want to. It just gives you the ability to write just as you want, without having the pressure of having a website.

Personally, Medium is my encouragement/ how-to-better-your-life plug all day, every single day.

One author I absolutely love on there is Benjamin Hardy. He gives practical, insightful, accurate tips on being a better human being, and I am always here for that!

Medium serves as a great, all-in-one place for people to share their stories and opinions without you having to type ‘www.myfaveblogger.com’, it’s all there. Medium has actually taught me that what you read seeps into your mind, because I have found myself applying some of the tips I get there, which has made me better off.

Shameless plug: I just started Medium too. Follow me here!

You need Medium in your life, believe me.


Well, this is a really simple way to improve your English Language knowledge and application.

Once you get into the real world, you would have to write letters, e-mails, constantly update and review your CV, so yeah, the use of English is important.

I thought my English was really good until well, I met this app. I realized I wasn’t so great and I had so much to learn.

English Grammar gives straight-to-the-point lessons in the various aspects of the language. Also, there are practical exercises to test your knowledge. It is pretty cool, actually.

It’s free, really easy to use and doesn’t require internet connection for use too. Isn’t that pretty awesome?


This is basically an amazing journal.

I believe it is appropriate to put your thoughts into words as you live life, because, from experience, you get to witness growth.

You actually watch your growth, and it is pretty spectacular to see.

Evernote allows you have different ‘Notebooks’, so you can categorize your entries. It could be anything, from recipes, daily journals, blog posts, grocery checklists, literally anything…well, except videos.

There is also the ‘Handwriting’ feature, which allows you write in your writing, if you’d like that.

If any idea crosses your mind, you can literally write it down in an organized manner. That is what I love most about Evernote… the fact that it allows a great level of organization!


The land of questions and answers.

Quora allows you ask any sort of question, and get numerous answers. It is also a great avenue to know what people really think and what they actually go through.

Experts (or people with experience, in general) can help you weigh in on your options when you are in a dilemma. It can be quite helpful.

Enter a caption

You might think you’re crazy in your opinions, but you can always meet people on a higher level on Quora.

The contributions on this platform actually give you real life insights, not just hypothetical analysis.


Hey Girls!

This is for you.

I had the hardest time manually monitoring my menstrual cycle, because it was kind of irregular.

I tried a few apps, and truth be told, they were total crap!

Like, just thinking about them now makes me annoyed because of how inaccurate and…ugly they were.

Ladytimer finally did it for me. It is not spot-on all the time, but it does a great prediction job and it is a pretty app to look at.

This app allows you record your symptoms, and does a good job calculating them and stores them for future predictions. It basically does the job I am too lazy to do.


You should start using these apps if you don’t already. What apps do you swear by? Do you use any of these? What do you think of them?

Please let us know in the comments!



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26 thoughts on “5 (+1) Free Apps That Will Ultimately Improve Your Life.

  1. I’ve never heard of any of these besides Medium! I tried using apps to track my period but I’m so forgetful that they just became useless. The apps that get the highest use per hour on my phone are Instagram, Twitter and WordPress but my favorite apps are the Bible app, VSCOCam, Simple Habit!

    1. Try Ladytimer, it really is great. I don’t even have Twitter, shame. For photos, I use Snapseed. Ahh, I spend way to much time on Instagram, I wish I didn’t. You really should try some of these. I’ll go and search for Simple Habit now, thank you.

  2. Insightful post Desire, haven’t heard of any of these apps before… I definitely need some of these. Thanks for sharing. Good job well done.

  3. About 2years ago when I discovered Quora, it instantly replaced twitter for me. I used to wake up to twitter, eat on twitter and sleep on twitter. Quora became it but even extra since it was highly educational and insightful. I’ve learned to relax on all these social media sites since having “internet” is now a challenge.
    Can’t say enough how much I love and use Evernote. Bae app!
    Idle head

    1. Evernote is the real deal! I feel like the forces are finally telling me to join twitter. I should take a cue from you and chill too.
      PS. I love your blog, Oluchi!

      1. Thanks hun. But now that you said “finally join twitter” meaning you’re not… can’t even finish the sentence.
        I’m taking this my comment back and my previous one. 🚶🏽‍♀️

            1. Well, to be fair, I had an account initially, but for like sis years now, it has been inactive, so I don’t quite see it as active. I think I should go back. I still see the Memes and clap backs o. Instagram, does that count?

            2. lol I guess. It’s alright though. Like I said, no time is too late. I’m a twitter person. Other media, IG inclusive is zero for me

    1. Wow! This comment made me really happy. Medium is just so great, if you like practical life tips or just insightful articles, it’s your go-to.
      Thank you so much for reading!

  4. Nice one Desire. The only app I happen not to have here is the Medium app. Evernote is bae. English grammar is boo. I hope I don’t sound religious, but I totally love my You version bible. Everyone should get that bible app too.

  5. I’ve heard about Evernote, Medium and Quora only. I think I have Evernote but don’t use it. I’ll give it a try. I love Quora but that thing can take you down a rabbit hole! So many interesting questions and answers. I’ll check out bliss, sounds like a pretty cool app.

  6. This is really cool
    I’ve never had of these apps 🙈🙈🙈
    I’m so rushing to download..
    It’s a year to get intentional
    Thanks so much dear

  7. A very helpful post. I have Evernote and I think it’s cool though I tend to forget about it sometimes and just go for the Notes app that comes with my phone. I have an app similar to Ladytimer. It’s called Monthly Cycle and it gets the job done. Not accurate all the time but it has definitely made things easier. Once I get a pimple, all I do is just check to confirm whether it’s hormonal or not lol.
    I just might download that English app, I’m sure I have lots to learn. xx

    1. The English App is so great, trust me. I was shocked at how much I didn’t know.
      ‘Once you have a pimple’, that means you must have great skin then. Please show my the wayyyyy.
      PS. I love your blog!!!

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