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Happy International Women’s Month!

I am still fascinated by the fact that we are in March (what?) already! This is my second year celebrating Women’s Day and Month so you can imagine my shock when I found out it has been celebrated since the early 1990’s.

I am ecstatic about the change I see every day. We are not where we should be, but the outpouring for International Women’s Day (IWD) this year was overflowing. I was super happy!


As an avid blog reader and commenter, I have been blessed (yes, blessed) to have followed these women over a few years and their content creation, thoughts on life, consistency and overall being has been soothing to my soul.


These women are whom you’d call your ‘average girls’; relatable and down-to-earth. From a lawyer to medical doctors, a full-time content creator and a Business/ Communications Manager, they have given me real-time proof to back up the seeming cliché saying, ‘You can do whatever you dream’, and I am here for that, always.

Ps. All characters in BLUE are clickable.

Kachi Tila-Adesina || KacheeTee.com

I discovered this double-bagged first-class lawyer (yes, LL.B, Law School, both first class and a full Commonwealth Scholarship for her LL.M!) through a comment on either Cassie or Afoma’s blog, and I was hooked forever.


She has the most laid back, easy to understand and enjoyable writing have ever come across in a blog. She has described KacheeTee.com is a personal lifestyle blog, and I agree. From real life stories on career, relationships (I particularly enjoy the Inter-tribal Relationship Series), motherhood, travel, the Bible, food hacks…everything, just everything! She takes the everyday person and story, leading you to revel in their beauty.


How Kachee Changed My Life: She made me realize that I should be proud of my achievements and let no one shame me for being delighted by whatever I have achieved.

Through her stories and those of others shared on her blog, I have been led to understand that I should share my story if I want to and stop letting the fear of looking stupid hinder my life!

Kachee helps tell the story of other women, propagating motivation and dispelling the notion that mediocrity is acceptable in women.

The Tila-Adesinas ♥

Afoma Umesi || AfomaUmesi.com

Afoma is a literary blogger. She is my go-to for all things bookish. Through her, I have found a lot of other Bookstagramistas who are remarkable. She started out as Ihunda’s Musings, a fashion and lifestyle blog, and even then she was great at that. Hers was one of the first blogs I ever read.

The beauty that is Afoma’s Instagram

When she rebranded, I was ecstatic because she came out with a confidence like, ‘Okay world, I am ready. I will do this because I love it,’ and love it I do.

Did I mention that she is a photographer too? Yes, she is, and she does that so elegantly well too. Don’t believe me? Check her photography page @afomaumesiphoto (thank me later).

Oh, yes, she is a 22-year old medical doctor too. Mind blown yet?


How Afoma Changed My Life: Before the transition from Ihunda’s Musings to Afoma Umesi, she went through a period where she totally gave up her domain name and even wrote about ‘quitting’ blogging but with the help of a friend, she bounced back.

Now, the point of this is that she has helped reiterate that it is alright to still be figuring it out and have a great support system while at it.

Allow yourself go through your own phases which will make your journey. Give room for mistakes and figure it out at your own pace.

Julia Dzafic || Lemonstripes.com

Julia is a beautiful, relatable content creator. Lemon Stripes is a lifestyle brand, and you can literally tell that she was made to do that once you go to her website or through her Instagram. She has the girl-next-door vibe you want to have. She is a content creator and mum to the beautiful Amelia.


She gives off such positive vibes and it is nice to see someone do that so effortlessly, I need that in my life always. Her smile is literally a happiness pro-drug and she is so wellness oriented in her content, it is calming and helpful.


How Julia changed my life: Her story on surviving two miscarriages showed me just how much you never really know what people are going through. Going through her content, I thought she had a great and perfect life, but I was wrong. She had her pain, she had her truth, she is human. I literally paused after reading that post. Now, I thoroughly appreciate but never judge people by what I think I see or know.


Ufuoma Jessica || TheUfuoma.com

Ufuoma is just the real gee! With a 9-5 in the as a Business/ Communications Manager in the Tech industry, she makes out time to travel endlessly and you can literally taste the passion in her.

She studied majorly in Nigeria prior to moving to Canada where she currently resides and works. Ufuoma is a real example to put in the work and passion, no matter what, people will notice and acknowledge. Highly meticulous and detailed, Ufuoma shares tips, discoveries, true motivation and photos that will make you drool.

This picture is the sole reason why I will learn how to swim this year.

How Ufuoma changed my life: I don’t even remember how our Instagram DM communication started, but Ufuoma is really, really nice. Like, really nice and helpful. I can tell that she wants to be of as much help to as many people as possible, she has offered me help and that warmed my heart. She helped lead me to recognize that I can be the ray of sunshine in someone’s cloudy day, and I should never take that for granted.


Also, she got her job during a 30-day free trial of LinkedIn Premium where she decided to shoot her shot, and it worked! If that isn’t enough motivation for me to try ‘far-fetched, unrealistic’ things as possible, then I don’t know what is!


Laura Lacquer || Alittlebitof lacquer.blogspot.com

Laura is a Harvard trained resident dermatologist, mum to three beautiful daughters under the age of five and wife to another (Harvard trained) doctor. Theirs is a story of love, patience and time.

She is the one, the actual one.


Laura has gone on to make her content ultimately useful to medics, mums and women in general. Tips on applying, going to and thriving in med school to reasons why formula feeding your baby is no sin to how to create time for a date night as a busy mum, she gives practical insight to what being a busy, hardworking black woman really looks like.

Going through her earlier posts in 2011, I realized, once more, that growth is always going to happen to consistent, diligent people. Laura is pursuing her various passions and although she is thousands of miles away, I feel like I found my spirit twin.


How Laura Changed My Life: Her Insta stories constantly gives me life as it frequently details the goings on as a working mum and wife in the medical field which seems like what my future could be, so I love seeing it in a bright, practical, positive light.



This is not an exhaustive list in any way, my people, but these are some of the women who have recurrently given me joy with their content.

Women living one day at a time.

Women Inspiring Women.

Women elevating Women.

Do you know or follow any of these women? If you don’t, you absolutely should spend a couple of minutes going through their content. You are bound to learn a thing or two!

Which female influencers, bloggers and women online inspire you?



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  1. Lovely post.
    I follow Afoma, Kachi, and Ufoma. And they are great inspirations! Discovering the other two for the first time. Thanks for sharing.
    Your space is really lovely.

  2. I love the simplicity of Kachee’s blog too.
    I was suprised when I read that Afoma’s blog is one of the first you started reading. Me too! I’ve always read her blog.
    Awesome people, those two.
    And because you’ve mentioned people I totally support, i can be sure of the remaining bloggers. I’m off to check them out.
    Happy international women’s day.

    1. Yes, Afoma was, about four years ago (if I remember correctly). They really are awesome.
      You realllly should check them out, they are totally amazing (you can thank me later)😏
      Thank you so much for always reading and commenting Debby!

  3. So so many women have changed my life from my mum to Heather Lindsey to Dr Jackson and Dr Adeleye (my pastors) to Jumoke Adenowo to Sheryl Sandberg to Bozoma St John to Ukonwa Ojo (yurr the SVP of Cover girl is an Igbo woman) to Chimamanda my boo (well I really like her hair) to Fredrica Boateng to Omilola Oshikoya….the list is endless! I bless God for strong women!!

  4. This is so nice and touching, very motivated to read more and spread my wings 😊
    Thanks D! This is beautiful ❤️

  5. I love Kacheetee and read Ufoma (and Afoma’s?) comments on her blog. Among the women you mentioned, I only read Kachee’s blog, but I will check out the rest. The doctor blogger sounds like someone I’ll enjoy following. Yet to check out her blog though.
    Guess how I found you. I noticed you always leave a comment on KacheeTee alongside your blog url. Today, I decided to check out your blog and I enjoyed this post.

  6. Ps: As a second comment? Lol. I scrolled down your blog and saw your words to live by. Guess what?! I recently wrote a post about that quote and two others which I titled, “Two (Deep) Quote I Recently Appreciated + My New Favourite Quote”. Check it out? I’d also love to hear your thoughts on that? 😀

  7. I just read this now, talk about late coming, but mehn! I am motivated!!
    I love a number of them already and I’m grateful to be introduced to the new ones.
    Wonderfully written

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