First Quarter Recap||NYSC Living, Taking All The L's, Winning Three Giveaways!

Happy New Quarter! Have you ever felt utterly unprepared for a coming year? On my end, 2019 was that year. I mean, I saw it coming, but for the first time in years, I had no real goals.
 Zilch. Nada. None.
I would usually have a yearly recap on the blog as I did in 2016 and 2017, a list of resolutions and an all-around attitude of badassery coming into the New Year.
This time, the year came in without the usual whoosh. I had no feelings towards this year and it actually sucked. It is amazing that the initial quarter is over. The world has seen a ton of happenings: elections, earthquakes, births, collapsed buildings, among others and, as individuals, we have had our fair share of dealings.
Looking back, I have had a relatively eventful first 90 days, and as a lover of stories and their telling, here’s how they unfolded:


I finally resumed NYSC, after leaving camp in December, as the shenanigans of Christmas gave room for me to rest, after the orientation camp. Asides my PPA, which, truth be told, doesn’t count, I didn’t have a job which I was still fine with as I still wanted to rest. As the month ran by, I realized that I had spent a ton of my savings within the past month and I started emotionally hyperventilating.
A lot of wondering what, why, how and when I spent the money I had earned during my internship, which was paid in bulk, was going on in my head. This was only worsened by the fact that I didn’t have a source of credit alerts. Towards the end of the month, I knew I had to get a job in no time. Surprisingly, this month went a lot faster than the usual January.
My bibliophile life was good as I was able to read all four books to my TBR and thoroughly enjoy them. I met a blogger friend turned real-life friend, Anita, who helped me in getting through a very trying time. We went to my favourite bookstores, Patabah and Roving Heights and had lunch at Ofada Boy, which was so amazing I came back the week after.
My most important experience in January was, after four years of over-thinking and trepidation and one semi-failed business later, starting an affordable, Ankara-based ready-to-wear clothing line, OkegoTheBrand. I took the leap and I was glad I did.
Logo for OkegoTheBrand
Shameless plug: Please come and buy chic Ankara RTW pieces all below 5000 Naira HERE!!
Oma Top | Available in sizes 6- 14 for 2500 Naira


The month started off with my training to become an INEC Ad hoc member of staff as a corps member. This translated to three gruelling training days in a poorly ventilated, electricity-lacking government-owned primary school, being schooled by a cunning man on how to run the Nigerian election. This ‘lecturer’ was as crooked as the Nigerian system could ever be. I volunteered to be a part of the electoral process, hoping my parents would agree.
Corps members in Lagos preparing for elections
I felt that God had put the Nigerian general election on my NYSC year timeline, so I was ultimately convinced that I ought to be involved. Unfortunately, our unreliable INEC postponed the elections that should have been planned f a few hours to the stipulated time. The D-day finally arrived and my parents, in whom I am well pleased, blatantly refused my going to my assigned polling unit which led to a sour mood for the weekend, on my end because I knew this would be only chance to be a part of the process. On the flip side, I heard and read stories of unsuitable accommodation, unpaid remuneration, violence and bribery by corps members about the elections, I am sort of grateful that I didn’t have to go through it.

Cassie Daves 2019 Blog Planner picture by Desire Uba

This month was when I won my first giveaway. I have always wanted a Cassie Daves blog planner and I finally got one through a giveaway on her blog! I was so giddy when I saw the tweet. The blog planner isn’t only for blog use. It is a life planner, very pleasing to the eye, organized and detailed.
I joined Smile with Me Foundation and participated in #CheatOnCervicalCancer campaign which created awareness for cervical cancer and ended with a medical outreach in Iwaya community, Yaba which was an enlightening experience. It was a reminder that I shouldn’t take my education and privilege for granted, but to always be thankful for the exposure God has gifted me with.


This month proved to be the slowest month so far, but it could have been because it was my first full month of work. I stopped being serious with Okego and I couldn’t read any book. For the first time in 14 months, I didn’t finish any book, not one. I also couldn’t write anything tangible and stayed away from Instagram for most of the time because it kept leading me to a place of anxiety. I was extremely worried about the future, feeling like I wasn’t productive with my life, for a while. Thankfully, I started getting out of the rut after a while, and things are looking up.
International Women’s Day came along and it was one of the very few days I logged on to Instagram. I saw the Roving Heights giveaway for IWD 2019 and I dropped my comment as required.
Tarwka Bay picture
The next day, on The Bloggers Advocate WhatsApp group, I saw a message that I’d won the Tarkwa Bay Daycation with Social Prefect Tours! Even more amazing, a random name picker was used to select the winner and Desire won!!
On the same day, I found out that I’d won the Hotplatta X Byrd Lagos giveaway with Lauretta. There was one downside- both events were to take place on the same day!
I spoke with Lauretta and she said we should reschedule. We finally met a couple of days later and all I have to say is that, with God, there are no coincidences.
A picture of Byrd Lagos Chips and Chicken
It was a mapped out arrangement by God as we talked over fries and glazed chicken, learning from each other and eventually working together as I became a part of Community Health Support Scheme, a volunteer-based organization whose goal is to promote health in growing communities via various programs.
On the 15th of March, I took the plunge and finally cut my hair, side part and all. I felt so liberated, my gosh! I didn’t know the hair had such a hold on me and I was (still am) so happy to get rid of it.
March was definitely the best month for me so far. I had opportunities that I consciously decided to appreciate. Finally. I think it’s time for me to write my goals and be intentional about the year!

How was your first quarter? Any new milestones? Looking forward to anything in particular ?

Are your goals set in stone yet?

Let us know in the comments!

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10 thoughts on “First Quarter Recap||NYSC Living, Taking All The L's, Winning Three Giveaways!

  1. Excited to see you posting again! Seems like you’ve had a really full year, plus that winning streak yo! What soap are you using plis dear?? For me , this year has been about taking life one day at a time and being intentional about (almost) everything. Cheers to achieving the set goals!!!

    1. It feels so so good to be back!
      I was shocked at it the streak too, felt really good though. Yes, the year feels full and I have decided to be INTENTIONAL from now on, there’s nothing like it. I feel semi-overwhelmed but I am learning to breathe and take it in bits. God is with us!
      Thank you Kunmi!

  2. Finally! she is back. Completely love the outfit and I’m so glad you did not become an ad-hoc officer. You know you still have to talk more about the beach vibes!!!

  3. First of all, that first picture is just so adorable, love it. Secondly, damn, you’ve had a very eventful first quarter o. So excited about your ankara line, can’t wait to come to Lagos and get a couple of pieces. I’m really trying to step up my ankara game this year, so that my inner Yoruba aunty can come out LMAO. I hope you’re in a better head space now babes, you’ve got this and you’re doing amazing 🙂
    Coco Bella Blog

  4. Hi Desire, just stumbled on your blog on Ifeoma’s blog..apparently u have had quite an eventful first quarter of the year, congrats on your ankara line and the gieaways too, never won one lol
    Really enjoyed reading this post,i do have goals set but so far i haven’t been able to achieve about 30% of them but still holding up.keep the posts coming

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