Skincare Products That Made My Year: 2022 Round-Up

While in Paris in April, I met up with my friend Phyllis and two Nigerian men – David and Babatope who are building a self-/ skincare brand for melanated men, Daba. While talking to them, I introduced myself, not only as a pharmacist but also as a skincare influencer- for the first time.

I was showing them my Instagram page when we realized I had officially started creating skincare content (albeit inconsistently) on the same day in 2019. A lot has happened since then and I am grateful for how far I have come while working on getting to where I want to be.

This year, I received PR packages from Good Molecules, T’iam, Diablo Cosmetics, Niche Beauty Lab, and The Inkeylist. I also worked with the first T’iam crew as a Writer/ Editor for 6 months and won an unintended €500 gift card from The Inkeylist. Also, I hit 8k followers on Instagram! Although my goals for the year were not met, this is growth!! These are some of the signs that I can do this and I am on the right track.

Also, I started YouTube !!!! I have been meaning to do it for at least 3 years so taking the leap finally was a true moment for me. Working to get create a lot more there and get monetized in 2023.

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I remember when I wanted to try skincare products so much but didn’t have access to most of them. Now, I have a few unopened, run my small and growing skincare store, Dee Skin Store and I am not actively looking for more to try, especially because I am slow in finishing them.

This year, I enjoyed most of the products I tried but there were some that I did not like.

Overall, these were the products that stood out to me and gave me positive results either due to their accessibility, effectiveness, user experience, formulation or combination of these.


Toners (Hydrating/ Exfoliating Toners)



Serums and Occlusives

Body Care

In 2023, I want to focus on body care more because I suck at this and the body definitely still needs a lot of love. In addition to this, I intend to prioritize sunscreen reapplication too.

What were your favourite skincare products in 2022? Are there specific products you’d like to try in 2023?

Thank you for reading! Have a fantastic year ahead.

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2 thoughts on “Skincare Products That Made My Year: 2022 Round-Up

  1. Well done love! Here’s to celebrating the wins, even when they don’t quite meet our expectations! I think my favorite skin care products this year were the CeraVe Healing ointment & CeraVe foaming face wash. Definitely staples for me. Thank you for sharing your favorites too!

    1. Thank you Tiese! I always associate you with CeraVe and I can’t wait to try the Healing Ointment. I heard it’s amazing. I liked the Foaming Face wash and adore the Hydrating Oil Foaming Cleanser.

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