How To Channel Your Inner Beyoncé?| 4 Ways From Homecoming

The epic release of Beyoncé’s Homecoming; a Netflix-run ode to her momentous Coachella 2018 performance, subsequently dubbed Beychella, shook the internet.

I have respected Beyoncé’s work since my dad bought a Destiny’s Child album several years ago. My sisters and I replayed the album endlessly and ‘Say My Name’ is probably my most viewed video of all time. I still watch it now and again.

Now, Beyoncé’s Homecoming is one year old and anytime I see a clip, I still stop and watch. That is how powerful this piece of work is.

The film was directed, written and executive produced by Beyoncé Knowles- Carter. With eight straight months of rehearsal for Coachella, this already tells you how important this project must have been to her. I watched it two times in its week of release, so I do have a fully formed opinion about it. I looked on in awe as this real-life human showed us the strength of sheer self-will and determination could translate to. I wasn’t ready for the greatness it brought!


The display of culture and inclusion in this film is impressive and the details impeccable. Shall we talk about the barrage of wise words she blessed us with?

Homecoming is worth your 2 hours 17 minutes, believe me.

This documentary isn’t solely about Beyoncé  being a great performer. It is an entire module on how to thrive in life. Among the many reasons why it is a revolution in itself, here are four life-changing lessons Homecoming teaches:

 Beyoncé Is Human. Period.

It is easy to look at your favourite celebrity and literally dehumanize them. I mean, they can’t possibly have that life and still be human, right?

Nope. This is a reminder that you’re wrong.

The depiction we adopt is for ourselves. We place people on pedestals because it seems to enhance the meaning of life. We create an illusion comprising what we believe other people should be, forgetting that they are just PEOPLE.

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After giving birth to her twins via an emergency Caesarean Section, Beyoncé was in a lot of pain and weighed 218 pounds (which was evident in the clips shown). She had to cut A LOT of food from her diet, exercise profusely and rehearse endlessly. She confessed that she felt disjointed and unmotivated to do what she needed to do. She just couldn’t correlate her body and mind.

Have you ever felt this way? Do you currently feel this way?

Well, come on, let us have a round table meeting and clink our wine glasses to celebrate our humanity because every single person goes through it. There may be different levels to this, but we all have ours.


Yup! You Have A Limit

Beyoncé acknowledged the fact that the Beychella was her most painstaking performance so far, and she crossed her limit.

I have never gotten to that point, but with all the inspire to perspire speeches telling us to keep pushing no matter what, it is nice to be reminded that there is the delicate beauty called balance and the power of knowing when to leave (or take a pause at) a certain path.

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As much as we want to do it all, it is important to know when to take a break to recuperate- the world will always be there for us to conquer.

Everything is not for everyone and that is perfectly fine.

Accept your own damn self and fall in love with the process of becoming the best version of  yourself.

Some Dreams Don’t Come True

..and that’s alright. It actually is.

Queen Bey actually wanted to attend a Historically Black College or University, just like her father. It was a dream so pertinent to her that she presented what we know as her biggest performance ever as an utter celebration of her unfinished dreams.


No one ever has things go exactly the way they’d like it to, and honestly, it is alright. It is also totally fine to still look for ways to bring that dream to fruition in other forms.

In Homecoming, she said, ‘Destiny’s Child was my college.’ So, she wasn’t able to go to college, but today, she is Be-freaking-yoncé.

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Surround Yourself With Love And Spread It

Having Destiny’s Child come on stage after over a decade without a performance shows you what true friendship means through Michelle and Kelly.

Solange’s performing with her sister with obvious pride in each other emanating shows a bond that is bigger than what we can see.

Jay-Z’s utter presence in this documentary signifies the meaning of what love.

This isn’t about #Goals. It is a reflection of what having a great support system means!


Now, in case you’re thinking, ‘Well, of course, that’s what they want us to think. It isn’t real.’ Why do we think these people care what we think so much?

Think to the fact that any of these people would have decided to not to do this. They could have, but they did not.

That. Is. Love.

As at the time of publishing this post, Beyoncé’s official website has Kelly’s new single all over the home page and celebrations of other people. In fact, Beyoncé is barely there.

That. Is. Support.

Proof… in case you needed it.

There is a path reserved for each of us and we need to recognize, clear and move along that path. Beyoncé’s Homecoming showed me this through the dancers, drum line, saxophonists and the entire team. All of them uniquely made the show.

Each of them took the road less traveled and became a part of something much larger than they are and created a story that would last them a lifetime.


It is time to write your own story because nobody is going to write it for you! This may be the time to start creating your life with the specifications you want.

I keep reminding myself of this, and you should too.

Perfection is a farce. Proficiency is the goal.

What is the top realization for you, so far, in 2020? How has the year been for you so far?

Ready to channel your inner Beyoncé?

Let us know in the comments.

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13 thoughts on “How To Channel Your Inner Beyoncé?| 4 Ways From Homecoming

  1. Thanks for this. I think my greatest realization is that I won’t figure out my part by just thinking and thinking, I have to do. This period makes it kinda hard though because there’s only so much I can do online. But I’m trying not to worry over it.

  2. Posting this comment could be tagged quite late. However, this is my second time of reading this article since you posted it. It is a breath of fresh air and that aside, I’m gradually graduating from being a fan to a stan. Thanks Desire!

  3. How should I say I’m not a Beyonce fan without getting stared at like I’m crazy, lol? I’ve never gotten around to listen deeply or watch her videos, I’m still contemplating sef. But I love the way you just put everything out like this, great work, honest!🌈🌟

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