NDU DESIRE|| 5 Life Experiences I Am Excited To Have

Life has been rather slow recently. The world seems to be in an unending rollercoaster, and things have truly evolved. One thing we can all agree on is the fact that, when this Coronavirus pandemic ends, our lives will change. What we pray for and seek is that this change will be good for us. Currently, it feels like, I just want…Continue Reading

Taking Stock|2019: I Survived

black girl looking into the distance

2019 was one hell of a year- figuratively and literally. I’ve tried to write this several times and when I finally did, the entire post was erased somehow. It took my whole being to write it in the first place, so this was followed by a lot of crying, frustration and asking myself whether I should give up or nah?…Continue Reading

Three Vital Life Lessons NYSC Taught Me

NYSC Corps member wearing uniform. This post shares three lessons she learnt from her year of NYSC

Now that my NYSC year is over, one month later, the lessons it taught me are all I’m left with. Generally, the program gets a bad rap. Considering that it is compulsory for all tertiary institutions’ graduates, it really isn’t properly understood but is intensely hated. Or… am I alone in this? Maybe it’s the fact that it is considered…Continue Reading

Life Lately || The Second Third Recap + Taking Stock

The whirlwind that was the second third (the past four months) of 2019 is not easy to describe. You know how you feel like things cannot be any different- not worse- just different. It happens when you are in a ‘safe’ place in life and you don’t think life can take a different turn… until it does. The first quarter…Continue Reading

This Is The Truth|| The Future Is NOT Female

I do not own a lot of tee shirts but I am a big fan of those that have inscriptions so when I saw the ‘The Future Is Female’ tee worn by Zainab Balogun a couple of years ago, I fell in clothing love. Over the past few years, the shirt has become one of the many symbols for feminists.…Continue Reading

It is one week to the General Elections in Nigeria and I write all words here with anger- not righteous anger- just plain old pure, Nigerian anger. The kind that makes you surprised that you’re angry. The kind that leads you to shout at the bus conductor who expects you to let your 20 Naira change go although he would…Continue Reading