Coming across And After Many Days by Johwor Ile was a seemingly eerie occurrence every time I entered a bookstore. It always seemed to call to me, until I finally picked it up from Patabah Books for 2000 Naira In January 2019. Fast forward to September, I am smack in the middle of a reading rut, picking and leaving books…Continue Reading

My Top 10 Paperback Reads In 2018

It is 10pm on December 31st, 2018 and I arrive at church for the ‘Crossover into 2019’ service but I am stuck outside. I cannot go in. Why? This is because Angels and Demons has held me hostage. I. Cannot. Leave. So I stay outside to deal with it because this has been on my neck for two months and…Continue Reading

5 (+1) Free Apps That Will Ultimately Improve Your Life.

Hey Tribe! I know that the people who know me would have read the title of this post, and would have rolled their eyes. Why? Just because I literally suck at ‘using’ my phone. I am that extremely annoying person that constantly leaves her phone at home and replies WhatsApp messages after three days. I just learnt how to properly…Continue Reading