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Born on a Tiesday Book Review by Desire Uba

Book covers usually have me thinking about how the story within the book goes. With Born on A Tuesday, by Elnathan John, the running man did the same.
I wondered, ‘Is there any correlation? Where is he running to? ‘ With the book appearing on my Twitter timeline and in bookstores I visited, just like And After Many Days, I finally got it from Patabah Books.

Born on a Tuesday lets you into the world of Dantala. He is the storyteller and centre and tells a story of survival, of what it means to live in a time where a war brews.

When reading this book, you become an insider. You aren’t reading this in the news, you don’t just see the statistics, you feel what it means to have a life and have it ripped from you.
The town of Bayan Layi is going through a subtle upheaval, with brothers taking different sides and a growing boy telling his story.

This book made me ask myself, ‘Does religion truly influence who we are?’
‘How much influence do we really have in our lives?’
By we, I mean the middle to low-class/ income people or…. maybe EVERYONE?

All it takes for our lives to change is one person.
One person who decides to put himself above others.
He convinces other people and they follow- willingly or otherwise.
Overall though, one person is all that is needed to turn your life to shit.

It may not even matter how good or bad you were to the person.
You may have been the saviour to the person, as is shown in this book.
The same can be said about the good in the world, and Dantala’s life in Born on A Tuesday illustrates that much.

This book reminds me of the effect that Half Of A Yellow Sun had on me (and you too, probably.) Both books have characters you grow to love, characters you root for. Then, BOOM, everything changes.

You run through the motions as you go through the pages, seeking answers and praying earnestly that the end of the book is as you envisage.

Let me tell you for free- I couldn’t predict the book, but I loved it. It reeks of properly done research by the author and the need to tell a well-formed story.

Handheld copy of Born On A Tuesday by Elnathan John on a

Just like Tomorrow Died Yesterday by Chimeka Garricks and Half Of A Yellow Sun by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Born On A Tuesday is a story that needs to be read and shared- and Elnathan John did a fine job.

It will make you look beyond yourself and your worries. It shares the story of the people who may not have the chance to, but deserve to be heard.

Overall, if I l were to leave you with one thing, it would be this:

Read. This. Book.

What books have left emotional stamps on you? Have you read this book? What do you think about it?

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2 thoughts on “Book Recommendation | Born On A Tuesday

  1. I have read the book. It was a story worth telling and one brilliantly told too. I love how it gave the readers an insight into what life in that area of Nigeria is like for some. I would easily recommend it too. Well done.

    1. Thank you Annie! I loved how he opened our eyes to look at their stories through a different lens. It definitely is needed, especially in these times.

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