5 Things You Should Know Before Going To NYSC Camp

When I was mobilized as a prospective corps member of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) in November 2018, the only presenting joy was because I was posted to Lagos. The willingness and delight I expected before going to the NYSC camp were nowhere to be found. My feelings morphed into plain old nervousness and anger that I had to…Continue Reading

Ten Facts About Me + Meet My New Blog!

Ten Facts About FDesire Uba

Writing this is a bit nerve-wracking for me because I have not written in so long! I typically enjoy the art of storytelling- reading and writing. My Instagram and my ex-blog have seen some of this over the past three years, but you see THIS blog right here, there’d be a lot of it here. If this is your first…Continue Reading

It is one week to the General Elections in Nigeria and I write all words here with anger- not righteous anger- just plain old pure, Nigerian anger. The kind that makes you surprised that you’re angry. The kind that leads you to shout at the bus conductor who expects you to let your 20 Naira change go although he would…Continue Reading

My Top 10 Paperback Reads In 2018

It is 10pm on December 31st, 2018 and I arrive at church for the ‘Crossover into 2019’ service but I am stuck outside. I cannot go in. Why? This is because Angels and Demons has held me hostage. I. Cannot. Leave. So I stay outside to deal with it because this has been on my neck for two months and…Continue Reading


There is power in our individual differences as humans. It is interesting to witness how literally opposite we can be, and how someone (or thing) can turn out worlds apart from what was expected. I am naturally a people pleaser and it’s astounding how much it stealthily moves into my everyday life and thoughts.  I literally feel drawn to please…Continue Reading