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In line with the description of this site, Abų m Desire is a briefing of the human being. This is a place where I have come to become. It is where what makes me tick, all my quirks and perks come to life.

It is a journey to becoming who we all want to be in the different aspects of self and life. I do not have the answers but I want to be of help as we find the answers together.

This medium is intended to inspire us all through harnessing positivity, spirituality, creativity towards achieving self- growth and building great relationships with God, Self and other people.

Please do come along with me on this journey.


In case you were wondering, Abų m Desire is a sentence in Igbo Language which  simply means I Am Desire.

I am Uba Desire. Child of God first. I am the 24- year old first born child with two younger sisters, Eden and Favour, whom I love with all my heart and amazing parents. I also have absolutely amazing friends who mean so much to me.

I am a Christian, a member of the Anglican Church. I am a Pharmacist who graduated from the University Of Lagos, Nigeria.

I am absolutely in love with ice- cream (seriously, you could trade me for ice- cream, I don’t mind),  good music, style, kind people, good music, travel, penguins, Pinterest and my choir.

I am passionate about the pharmacy profession (especially helping people, changing lives and drug discovery), Fashion, reading, writing, love (you guys, I am too obsessed with love), positive vibes and learning new things.

I started reading blogs a while ago after stumbling into Cassie Daves’ blog and I have not looked back. It is very fascinating for me to see people in their element through virtual spaces. The impact on me from various blogs has been tremendous and I really just want to have a bit of an impact too.

I am super excited that you have found me here! I  am also available on other media;

E-mail: zhelaniye@gmail.com

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Instagram: @desireuba

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