This Is The Truth|| The Future Is NOT Female

I do not own a lot of tee shirts but I am a big fan of those that have inscriptions so when I saw the ‘The Future Is Female’ tee worn by Zainab Balogun a couple of years ago, I fell in clothing love. Over the past few years, the shirt has become one of the many symbols for feminists.…Continue Reading

5 Things You Should Know Before Going To NYSC Camp

When I was mobilized as a prospective corps member of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) in November 2018, the only presenting joy was because I was posted to Lagos. The willingness and delight I expected before going to the NYSC camp were nowhere to be found. My feelings morphed into plain old nervousness and anger that I had to…Continue Reading

Ten Facts About Me + Meet My New Blog!

Ten Facts About FDesire Uba

Writing this is a bit nerve-wracking for me because I have not written in so long! I typically enjoy the art of storytelling- reading and writing. My Instagram and my ex-blog have seen some of this over the past three years, but you see THIS blog right here, there’d be a lot of it here. If this is your first…Continue Reading