10 Songs That Will Elevate Your Hope In God

A list of 10 songs to elevate your hope in God

Adulting will leave you feeling confused 95% of the time, and for some of us, at least 60% 100% of that escalate to worry and various levels of anxiety.

As someone who hyperventilates over a lot of things, I know what it means to struggle with your thoughts and have them overwhelm you to a feeling of helplessness.

When I go through times like this, sometimes I doubt God’s power (yup, I said it). I wonder why he would be all-Powerful but still allow me to go through all I do in my battle with my thoughts. Sometimes I want to scream, shout and cry (I end up doing one or more most of the time)

For all the moments we can’t find words,

We have music.

The Music app on my phone is filled with Hillsong and Elevation Worship, and there is a joy that comes with the worship God lays in our heart through them.

Every song gifts you with a different experience, and with everything going on in our lives, and the world, emotions are at an all-time high.

Sometimes we just want to show our gratitude and praise God. At other times, we feel like we have come to the end of ourselves and seek hope… just to know that He is there.

Here is a list of 10 songs to remind you that God still is God, grant you hope and affirm His greatness:

P E A C E – Hillsong Young and Free

This song is easily the most powerful song I  heard this year (thank you, Oluchi!) In my struggle with anxious thoughts, P E A C E is the song I turn to a lot of the time.

The melody, the word, the message lightens my burden… LISTEN TO THIS SONG!!

This Is Our God – Hillsong Worship

You know when you can’t believe that something so drastic has happened to you (good or bad,) this song will lead you to a place of remembrance that God’s grace is truly sufficient.

If you can’t bring yourself to say words, this is a song for you.

Stronger – Hillsong

I was obsessed with this song in university when school was pretty difficult, and it brought me so much hope then, and still does now as life does its annoying, little things.

I believe it’ll do the same for you.

Highs and Lows – Hillsong Young and Free

Have you ever felt ALONE… when you have no one or when you are surrounded by people? I’ve been there and it is unpleasant. This song is a good way to start addressing these feelings, as it reveals to you that God is with you, always.

Still God – Elevation Worship

Still God is the reminder you need when your mind starts thinking that God has changed and failed you.

This piece will lead you to recall that he hasn’t, isn’t and will never change.

Faithful – Elevation Worship

When pain and doubt begin building teams to play a football match in your mind, use this song in your movement to terminate that entire procedure, okay?

Thanks and God bless.

No Other Name – Planetshakers

This song’s title is already a giveaway, and the lyrics are powerful.

No Other Name will remind you of how much power and strength is in His Name and assures you of His healing – in us and the world. I love this song!

The Greatness of Our God – Hillsong Worship

This is a song that seems like it should typically be sung in the good times, but you see, being able to worship and acknowledge God for being God is a potent thing in itself.

The Greatness of Our God is an affirmation of this fact.

He Is Lord – Hillsong

This is worship.

Look for the song. Listen to the song. Worship God.

That’s all.

What A Beautiful Name – Hillsong Worship

All things being equal, this song is a great way to conclude this list.

From the first words to the final, What A Beautiful Name is a rendition that speaks about how powerful God is and that power is passed on to this song.

Listen and be blessed.

Ps. I have no doubt that these songs are inspired by God.

How am I so sure?

Well, the peace I get from these songs is nothing like I experience from ‘the words of men.’ That is my confirmation.

I hope you look for these songs and listen because I KNOW you’d be blessed.

Will you listen to them? What songs elevate your Spirit?

Do share with us in the comments!

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12 thoughts on “10 Songs That Will Elevate Your Hope In God

  1. Thank you for sharing! Songs are a great way to lift our spirit. I LOVE Hillsong. There is no question that their lyrics and beats are spirit-inspired. I will download the ones on this list that I don’t have right away. You can also check out In Control by Hillsong Worship and You Say by Lauren Diagle.

    1. Honestly don’t know where I’d be without Hillsong and Elevation Worship.
      I love In Control and am currently listening to You Say.
      Thank you for always supporting ❤️

  2. I really love songs and this is a great list, I’ll be sure to listen to those I haven’t, of recent I’ve been listening to forever amen album by Steffany Gretzinger and the peace album by bethel music. My all time love for hymns still exist. Thank you Desire

    1. I love hymns too. You know we grew up with them and I will never forget them.
      You really should listen to the rest of them- gems, everyone.
      Thank you for the recommendations.
      Off to check them out!

  3. Girl there is no gospel playlist without Hillsong and Elevation Worship. I’m familiar with a lot of these songs but a few were new to me. I’ll check it out definitely. And you just inspired me to share my playlist on my blog as well.

    Princess Audu

  4. Hey, this is amazing and I’m glad these songs worked beautifully for you. I’m not a Hillsong and elevation worship fan but I’ll definitely check these out 🌈🌟

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